Grand Theft Auto V Update 3 Cracked

Posted 21 Apr 2015 in PC GAMES

Grand Theft Auto V Update 3 Cracked


Grand Theft Auto V for PC will take full advantage of the power of PC to deliver across-the-board enhancements including increased resolution and graphical detail



Grand Theft Auto V for PC will take full advantage of the power of PC to deliver across-the-board enhancements including increased resolution and graphical detail, denser traffic, greater draw distances, upgraded AI, new wildlife, and advanced weather and damage effects for the ultimate open world experience.

Grand Theft Auto V for PC features the all-new First Person Mode, giving players the chance to explore the incredibly detailed world of Los Santos and Blaine County in an entirely new way across both Story Mode and Grand Theft Auto Online.

Title: Grand Theft Auto V
Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: Rockstar Games
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Release Date: Early 2015

Note: v4 crack supports setting game language 3dmgame.ini file

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Grand Theft Auto V Update 3 Cracked
Size: 388 MB





















    • OS: Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1, Windows Vista 64 Bit Service Pack 2* (*NVIDIA video card recommended if running Vista OS)
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs) / AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core Processor (4 CPUs) @ 2.5GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA 9800 GT 1GB / AMD HD 4870 1GB (DX 10, 10.1, 11)
    • Hard Drive: 65 GB available space
    • Sound Card: 100% DirectX 10 compatible


    • OS: Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 3470 @ 3.2GHz (4 CPUs) / AMD X8 FX-8350 @ 4GHz (8 CPUs)
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB / AMD HD 7870 2GB
    • Hard Drive: 65 GB available space
    • Sound Card: 100% DirectX 10 compatible

Grand Theft Auto V Update 3 Cracked
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Posted by Skidrow


  1. helox (21 Apr 2015, 17:18)

    first 1st 😀

  2. john (21 Apr 2015, 17:20)

    Doesnt Work For me

  3. erkan (21 Apr 2015, 17:20)

    ı wanna fuck all of u . because ı cant play this for a week. ı fed up with try to fix it.solve to dual gpu problem

  4. Gilbert (21 Apr 2015, 17:20)

    thx :)

  5. Mussie (21 Apr 2015, 17:22)

    Does this solve the issue of the game crashing during character switching in missions?

  6. alex (21 Apr 2015, 17:22)

    Thank you!!
    whats new?

  7. jrbr (21 Apr 2015, 17:24)

    the crack is 100% fix?

  8. TonoXX7 (21 Apr 2015, 17:25)

    super outstanding!!!!!

  9. vedran24r (21 Apr 2015, 17:26)

    umm… what do these updates do? first two didn’t fix the bugs (occasional lagging,main mission crashing,stock market…), nor they brought in anything new.

  10. zinayk (21 Apr 2015, 17:33)

    what this update add ?

  11. Drako (21 Apr 2015, 17:35)

    Thanks 😀

  12. Alex (21 Apr 2015, 17:35)

    I hope this will fix changing characters bug…

  13. Andres (21 Apr 2015, 17:39)

    Is this the newest one or is the same as the one in nosteam ro ? and if i have the nosteam one what do i need to download from this site in order to play?

  14. Pinkvomit (21 Apr 2015, 17:40)

    That doesn’t works for me. The game crashes just after the loading.

    Any help pls?

  15. Britisio (21 Apr 2015, 17:46)

    Its there any crack working on win 7?

  16. Jeffrey Sanga Titalo (21 Apr 2015, 17:46)

    Help :c

    Nombre del evento de problema: APPCRASH
    Nombre de la aplicación: GTA5.exe
    Versión de la aplicación: 1.0.335.2
    Marca de tiempo de la aplicación: 5533d504
    Nombre del módulo con errores: GTA5.exe
    Versión del módulo con errores: 1.0.335.2
    Marca de tiempo del módulo con errores: 5533d504
    Código de excepción: c0000005
    Desplazamiento de excepción: 0000000001135374
    Versión del sistema operativo: 6.1.7601.
    Id. de configuración regional: 10250
    Información adicional 1: d5b4
    Información adicional 2: d5b40afa369b250f6e6ffc1eba13ffd0
    Información adicional 3: 6abb
    Información adicional 4: 6abb0a990f92b95dedf494220f3dfc75

  17. Albert Covington (21 Apr 2015, 17:51)

    Game has worked perfect for me….not sure what all these other people are having such problems with.
    Running perfect……except for small bug that comes from shooting full-auto guns in 1st-person, but nonetheless perfect.

    2x HD 7970 running in CrossFireX
    AMD 8350 Fx-Black @4.2Ghz
    16GB DDR3 RAM

  18. Viktor (21 Apr 2015, 17:59)

    the game still crashing when you shoot from a veicle in main mission..

  19. vukadinm (21 Apr 2015, 18:04)

    How to change to English. i change it i reg but when i start it again it is in chinese

  20. Vuki (21 Apr 2015, 18:10)

    Language is back to chinese and unable to revert back to english. Not even with reg method,

  21. Alex (21 Apr 2015, 18:12)

    @Vuki go to 3dmgame.ini and open it , after u can change language there

  22. asdf (21 Apr 2015, 18:13)


  23. zero (21 Apr 2015, 18:19)

    double clicking the 3dm launcher and nothing happens
    tried all update all crack versions same problem

  24. Nico (21 Apr 2015, 18:20)

    Strill crashing when aiming from car.. in my case ( garbage truck) in a mision

  25. Dark (21 Apr 2015, 18:20)

    Go to 3dmgame.ini in totalcomander, press F4 and set right language, works for me

  26. Jacky (21 Apr 2015, 18:20)

    1. Open start;
    2. Digit “regedit” and open it;
    4. Find “SOFTWARE”;
    5. Find “Wow6432Node”;
    6. Find “Rockstar Games”;
    7. Go in GRAND THEF AUTO FOLDER and you will see on your right some things;
    8. Right click on language, click on edit and change from 漢字 To EN-en.

    It works for me…

  27. Aintnopro (21 Apr 2015, 18:20)

    Yeah I’m having the same problems as @Vuki
    If i launch the Launcher.exe as an administrator it will change to Chinese if i don’t launch it as an administrator and i modify the registry i will get it in English but the game will crash eventually for no reason

  28. gamer (21 Apr 2015, 18:23)

    SKIDROW must create a new crack . There are many gamers waiting for a 100% working crack. SKIDROW are you working in a new crack ?

  29. joelafrite (21 Apr 2015, 18:25)

    Yup, same for me. Game is in chinese and impossible to set it back to english even with regedit method.

  30. vukadinm (21 Apr 2015, 18:27)

    Stops again on BLITZ PLAY Mission

  31. hk_modd (21 Apr 2015, 18:29)

    Downloaing update, but.. guys
    Do I have to put update folder in main folder or “extract” the update folder into main folder? (’cause update folder has got x64 and update.rpf.. the same have got the main folder
    BUT if I do this.. the game crash at startup
    So now I have update 2 (waiting while downloading third one) but IN the update folder into main folder.. is it correct?

  32. muszka (21 Apr 2015, 18:30)
  33. joelafrite (21 Apr 2015, 18:31)

    Nevermind : we have to edit the 3dmgame.ini file :-)

  34. Bompa (21 Apr 2015, 18:33)

    Change language in 3dmgame.ini

  35. devilgame (21 Apr 2015, 18:35)

    The solution to the crash on missions to switch characters , is very easy , disable the automatic save game

  36. RzRxx (21 Apr 2015, 18:37)

    You need to go to 3dmgame.ini file to change the language to english

  37. Radjen (21 Apr 2015, 18:37)

    anyone got the patch notes for this 3. patch?

  38. snoie (21 Apr 2015, 18:38)

    Also here, the game changed in english

  39. Gabe12 (21 Apr 2015, 18:38)

    Noone sees in the cracker group the whole thing is filled with chinese characters?

  40. Dany28 (21 Apr 2015, 18:40)

    Here is the changelog
    -Players can no longer purchase more vehicles than their properties can store.
    -Players can now launch a video card benchmark test from the main menu.
    -Fixed an issue where facial features would not save correctly when transferring a character from Xbox 360 or PS3 and changing genders while editing the character’s appearance.
    -Fixed an issue where players could become stuck in the clouds when voting to quick restart the Humane Labs Heist.
    -Fixed an issue where markers in the Rockstar Editor could not be deleted with the mouse.
    -Fixed various audio recording issues with Rockstar Editor clips.
    -Fixed an issue where the Yacht would not appear in some recorded Rockstar Editor clips.
    -Fixed a rare issue where some Rockstar Editor clips could not be opened for editing.
    -Fixed an issue where the GTAV Launcher would not display the correct amount of time remaining for file downloads.
    -The Steam overlay has been moved to prevent it from covering up Launcher buttons.
    -Fixed an issue where the game would not save your settings when restarting in some instances.
    -Fixed a rare issue where the Steam version of the game would crash right after launching.
    -Windows Media Player is no longer required to install GTAV. Instead, Windows Media Foundation will be required.
    -Fixed an issue where the game would show the pause menu without player input.
    -Fixed an issue where the max frame rate would be incorrectly low in rare cases.

  41. noby (21 Apr 2015, 18:41)

    Weird , But if you get stuck when you’re shooting from a vehicle, on a mission, just push escape te get to the menu, then push escape again, and everything goes on!! (at least it worked for me when i was chasing the bikers with trevor and his friends 😉 )

  42. Gamesfps (21 Apr 2015, 18:41)

    friends language change and update verify geralgamesfps

  43. Armin (21 Apr 2015, 18:42)

    When pressing q game crashes ;////

  44. nymphelav (21 Apr 2015, 18:42)

    To change the language back to english go to your gta 5 folder and open 3dmgame.ini and change the first language line to en-US

  45. CaptainRoy (21 Apr 2015, 18:47)

    If your games is in Chinese, even after the reg method, try going to the directory of the game, open 3dmgame.ini, and change the order of the languages, put first en-US and then the chinese… I think it dit it for me!

  46. Forsen (21 Apr 2015, 18:48)

    Game still crashes at the end of “Caida Libre” mission during changing character to Franklin.

  47. wild960 (21 Apr 2015, 18:48)

    I can t change my ingame langueage ! :( I NEED HELP !! I tried in regedit and commandline.txt file but doeasn t work for me .

  48. Cucumber (21 Apr 2015, 18:50)

    Waiting for it!

  49. Wesraven (21 Apr 2015, 18:52)

    Still crashing a lot during missions. Takes a whole day to complete one mission because lots of crash-

  50. Alex (21 Apr 2015, 18:54)

    How to fix Grand Theft Auto V Has Stopped Working

  51. pol (21 Apr 2015, 18:58)

    Me too when pressing q the game crashes

  52. Wesraven (21 Apr 2015, 19:09)

    Changing it to dx 10 doesnt work. Still crashing randomly on missions.

  53. bugreport (21 Apr 2015, 19:09)

    crash sometimes when pressing Q (coverbutton)

  54. Ahmet (21 Apr 2015, 19:10)

    takılma sorunu hala sürüyor yardım

  55. gta5 (21 Apr 2015, 19:13)

    Thanks 3dm for the crack and skidrow & reloaded for the update :)

  56. Aintnopro (21 Apr 2015, 19:16)

    Okay so i fixed the language, thanks.
    Now to my other problem, in a mission where you have to hijack a secured van for the FIB right after i blow the doors open i need to take cover but every time i click Q the game crashes. when i had the last update it didn’t crash there but it did crash when i had to switch from Frank to Micheal after destroying the garbage truck. Any one knows how to fix this?

  57. RazR (21 Apr 2015, 19:29)

    guys, for me i don’t have 3dmgame.ini in my gta 5 folder, may a pic can be helpful

  58. pipis77 (21 Apr 2015, 19:30)

    for god….why they cant fix that fcking crashes.2 years waiting for nothing?

  59. Fase (21 Apr 2015, 19:41)

    For serving this patch v3 ??

  60. Don Corleone (21 Apr 2015, 19:43)

    Thanks for this!!

  61. Profik (21 Apr 2015, 19:58)

    dude, you are still writing zh-CHT to language on registry…. please solve this

  62. Trill (21 Apr 2015, 20:12)

    A temporary fix for the blitz play mission is to die until it lets you skip the mission then you have to save and restart the game after the mission is over so it wont crash.

  63. Pino (21 Apr 2015, 20:12)

    Crash when i press “Q”

  64. xzooom (21 Apr 2015, 20:13)

    pressing Q Game crashing plz fix

  65. Bukkake (21 Apr 2015, 20:18)

    I was playing well for 5 days I think. Today, after showing the white text and the warning that i shouldn’t exit the game when saving (after the intro), it says that I need to activate the game, and as I’m playing offline I should conect to the Internet and restart the game in order to activate, then shuts off… Am I the only one?

  66. Dave (21 Apr 2015, 20:25)

    Whats the correct way to install these updates please :)

  67. RazR (21 Apr 2015, 20:29)

    die more than 3 times then skip the mission, it worked to me. :DD

  68. Mladen (21 Apr 2015, 20:37)

    hi, im doing the fib mission where you have to hijack the secured van for the fib, after i press q it crashe, this never happened before, before when i used to do this mission after i kill everyone and at the end when it switches from franklin to michael it switches off. Anyone else with this?

  69. NomNom (21 Apr 2015, 20:39)

    Why are you feeding us this chinese bullshit

  70. AIDEN (21 Apr 2015, 20:43)

    Hey Guys Could u please reUpload the main Full unlocked game ???

    i was downloading the full part and all links are gone and even the post is removed !!!

    i want the 3rd and the 7th part ..

  71. Polaczek (21 Apr 2015, 20:45)

    This update fixes BUG Right mouse button and 2 missions namely?
    “Fast Job”
    “Great Job”
    I have all the time the game crashes in these missions

  72. mishan (21 Apr 2015, 20:50)

    4 cracks and 3 updates and you still can’t aim out of a mother fucking car!!! or switch characters.


    thanks. :-)

    about the language, change it in the the 3dm file in the game’s folder.

  73. Fase (21 Apr 2015, 20:52)

    This patch the game to Chinese translates as I put it in Spanish ???

  74. Pray (21 Apr 2015, 21:05)

    Crashes even with gamepad when I try to cover….Bullshit…It seems, that the lags that I had, where gone with the update. Waiting again.

  75. Monistical (21 Apr 2015, 21:05)

    Blitz Play mission bugged. while you changed franklin to michael in getaway car game crashed and closed and if you press “Q” for cover this is another reason for game crash. Hope you can fix this soon. Thank you for your all hard workings and good luck…

  76. Goerge (21 Apr 2015, 21:06)

    Social Club initilaize failed. Helpppppppp

  77. Polaczek (21 Apr 2015, 21:23)

    ok, im tested
    This update not repair BUG on missions with switch characters, and aim in car
    we must wait for fix this BUGS, maybe another update repair this :)
    Thanks for all hard workings and good luck

  78. amer (21 Apr 2015, 21:31)

    grand theft auto 5 graphics problem :( :(

  79. MGC (21 Apr 2015, 21:34)

    Guys, can anyone tell me why is GTA V using about 80-85% of my RAM? After 5-10 minutes of playing usage of my memory jumps to 6-6,5 Gb… I have all the updates installed, but that shit is happening no matter what.

  80. eliya (21 Apr 2015, 21:38)

    Q crashes the game.

  81. Somave (21 Apr 2015, 21:39)

    it’ doesn’t work well , every time i Press ( Q ) just to hide at wall or behind it it CRASH , please fix that Bug.

  82. Nico (21 Apr 2015, 21:43)

    Oh yeah xD

  83. Baldur (21 Apr 2015, 21:54)

    “Grand Theft Auto has stopped working”. On the first mission, prologue. All the time!!
    Possible solutions? Thanks…

  84. laveski (21 Apr 2015, 21:56)

    Black Screen in WIN 8 and crash ,How to solve this error?, PC:Win 8 64bits,4 GB RAM,Intel Celeron 2.40GHZ ,Intel HD Graphics,will that runs gta 5?

  85. eltio (21 Apr 2015, 21:59)

    bug in “forced landing”

  86. shmalle (21 Apr 2015, 22:05)

    ejected from the game after pressing the “Q”

  87. Mich (21 Apr 2015, 22:11)

    The only time my game crashes when aiming out of a car is if the trainer is running in the background.

    the one FIB mission, that crashes the game on the character switch, i just went full fundi and drove into people with a car packed full of plastic bombs till it let me skip.

  88. gam (21 Apr 2015, 22:13)

    this update work perfectly :3

  89. Franklin (21 Apr 2015, 22:15)

    I try to do the Prologue but cops won’t appear!
    We must wait for fix???

  90. Javier (21 Apr 2015, 22:18)

    The update 3 crash the game now, its a bad update, please upload one version good , this version is bad , crack good , update v3 bad.

  91. kronickiller (21 Apr 2015, 22:22)

    Crash fix for switching chars

    if ur crashing when switching missions
    the key is not to use THROWING WEAPONS while on foot
    use bomb from truck for that one mission

  92. roger (21 Apr 2015, 22:27)

    Is needed olders update versions installed? or JUST LAST, LIKE THIS???

  93. Gogos (21 Apr 2015, 22:28)

    wait will be more intresting after couple days of playing a pirated GTA.maybe some sharks fly arround and kill you while driving? or best will be after 3 or 4 days game auto-uninstalls by it self hahahah
    go buy it if you want to play a proper GTA.i dont realy get you spend thousand of dollars/euros but you cant affort a 50 euro game that is worth for buying?

  94. BATMAN (21 Apr 2015, 22:29)

    The switch-character & shoot-vehicle crashes are intentionally programmed bugs, to keep hack-fixing extended. The goal is to hold back cracking the game to fully 100% as long as possible, so people will buy the game. The game checks every 10minutes for an internet connection. The query starts when launching the game. On certain situations, especially on missions the shoot-crash for example gets active.

    Think ok it: (reasons)

    1. What do you do most in the game? Drive & shoot or switch between the characters, right?
    2. Why should the PC version suddenly crash if the game was from the beginning developed on PC? Just cause of some texture upgrades and a more detailed option menu? Come on guys!
    3. And what’s the best way to get much buyers? Make it playable but not fully!
    4. And how to achieve that? The game is to valuable not to do something like that!
    5. Piracy is good for the spread! But it doesn’t bring the full revenue!
    7. Only a less amount of freaks are posting the problem on the official rockstar forum!! There would be at least a minimum of 100 different forum profiles posting the shoot problem, if it would be a official problem! But its not more than maybe 20-30 guys who are just that arrogant to blindly post a crack-problem on the official forum, cause they think its a general problem of the game!

    Once more: The game was developed on PC, after that seperately duplicated and suited for each console and then published. The PC version was done from the beginning. Even the HD textures and all the detailed options were done before. Cause 1st you do the High End version and then you break it down! Not the other way around!

    I am sure when i buy the game, the problems are gone!

  95. jes (21 Apr 2015, 22:55)

    1. Create a .txt file inside main game folder
    2. Name that file “commandline”
    3. Open the commandline file and type “-uilanguage american” (or insert your language)
    4. Save it and you’re done

  96. Stork (21 Apr 2015, 22:57)

    Game crash when i take cover !! :( WTF

  97. seko (21 Apr 2015, 23:10)

    this time Q button crash the game……. :X

  98. bri (21 Apr 2015, 23:12)

    Guys complaining about the crash during character switch, or when taking cover is pointless. Those are problems in the game, not with the crack. If you want them fixing go join the people complaining about them on the Rockstar support forums since they’re the only ones that can do anything about it,

  99. Rafatxs (21 Apr 2015, 23:35)

    my game crashs all the time with this update!!!

    waiting a next update for fix all errors!

    but thanks for all skidrow and 3dm! your work is great

  100. elgeryd (21 Apr 2015, 23:53)

    When I am taking cover the game crashes sometimes.. not everytime but sometimes

  101. Carnage (21 Apr 2015, 23:59)

    For Blitz Play. Kill yourself 3 times and skip the game. For Caida Libre crash destroy the van without explosives.

  102. SoGuH (22 Apr 2015, 0:06)

    Taking cover (Q) crash the game now

  103. Helping (22 Apr 2015, 0:19)

    For those stuck in Blitz Play, here’s a solution:

    1.After you kill all cops and before entering on the garbage truck,
    kill yourself 3 times, then a option to skip the mission will be avaible at the wasted screen.

  104. bebo (22 Apr 2015, 0:23)

    i have a Problems in any mission the game not work it’s still just loading

  105. F8nD (22 Apr 2015, 0:25)

    Please Help the Game crashes for me in Task Manager itself…
    Neither of Cracks are working for me…

  106. soul (22 Apr 2015, 0:31)

    when I play lamar mission in the game crashes manufactures , as in the mission that will grove street

  107. devilgame (22 Apr 2015, 1:12)

    The solution for no more crash game in missions is disable autosave game, and no more problems with the missions.
    I terminate the game whit 0 misions skiped.

  108. SnowDog (22 Apr 2015, 1:13)

    Ver. 3 crack: crashed every so often at random times
    Ver’ 4 crack: crashed all the time, unplayable

    changed to direct X 10, unfortunately, with vers. 4 crack and not a single crash for over an hour.

    Also if your textures are slow to draw, especially while driving at high speeds, go into task manager and set GTAV.exe to high priority and that will fix the draw problem

  109. LoveJoint (22 Apr 2015, 1:16)

    Hi, the game crash when i use “q” for cover behind a car / wall.
    Someone have an issue for that ?

  110. carl (22 Apr 2015, 1:17)

    SKIDROW you already released the crack v4 why don´t you UPDATE THE CRACK here ?

  111. Muhannad (22 Apr 2015, 1:27)

    Guys i have fixed the language problem : 3dmgame.ini —— it will appear for you like this :
    2. delete all the language except Language=en-US Like this :
    3. now save it.
    4. copy it to the game folder and replace it with the another one

    It works for me ….. hope it works for you :)

  112. Desh_666 (22 Apr 2015, 1:34)

    Please fix the error with Dual GPUs. Game only runs on Intel Grahpics. Crashing on NVidia.

  113. EzioAuditore (22 Apr 2015, 1:37)

    Game crash sometimes when changing characters and when taking cover. Don’t know is it game bug or crack ( update) bug, but hope its gonna be fixed. Thank you for your work!

  114. Cactus Jack (22 Apr 2015, 2:05)

    Like most guys here, the game crashes when I take cover….

  115. TonoXX7 (22 Apr 2015, 2:07)

    dosnt work for me, same problems, lag lag and more random lag! waiting for update 4! XD

  116. Tilde88 (22 Apr 2015, 2:20)

    Going back to Update 2 Crack 3. Not that the crack matters, but Update 2 is the least of the buggyy releases. Only gotta worry about throwables in the car, and switching.

  117. Cactus Jack (22 Apr 2015, 2:25)

    Well, for what I’ve tested now, the best combination seems to be crack V4, put with update 2. No crash with cover, no crash while shooting driving a car.

  118. edtttttt (22 Apr 2015, 2:28)

    Its in fuckin chinese

  119. skullbox (22 Apr 2015, 2:32)

    Fuck the crack , buy this game !!!!! if you are not money for play dont play

  120. dnz34 (22 Apr 2015, 3:03)

    Change English certain way:
    there is a file ‘3dmgame’ (not 3dmgame.dll) in the crack. left click and edit ‘3dmgame’. you can chance prefer language.

    But game crashes anyway at the fib mission, sometime when blowing rubbish truck or switching francis to micheal. always shutting up the game for some reason.

  121. good samaritan (22 Apr 2015, 3:06)




  122. jay (22 Apr 2015, 3:20)

    needs a fix to allow riding bikes.
    whenever i try to get on a bike, the character freezes.
    if anyone knows a fix, please share !

  123. SnowDog (22 Apr 2015, 3:38)

    DO NOT buy this game. I purchased a physical copy the morning it came out last week and had my account stolen in the matter of hours. Thank god for the cracks or i would have a $60.00 paperweight as ROCKSTAR so-called support has done absolutely nothing to help with this well documented problem of them getting hacked. My 2 friends, who also bought physical copies, had they’re accounts swiped also. They too have had no help fro Rockstar so-called support.

  124. redrecca (22 Apr 2015, 4:11)

    every text are in chinese. How to fix =.=

  125. AnonimityQRS (22 Apr 2015, 4:56)

    So after so Tinkering and frustration I found out that the update is fine the underlying problem that is cause the crash when hitting the “Q” key and maybe others has to do with the metadata file in the update/update folder in the zip. what I did was revert to the metadata file from update 2 and I’m not have any crashes with hitting Q anymore. as for the other crashes with switching players and whatnot I have not verified. It appears the metadata file may be corrupt intentionally or not I don’t know. anyway that is my experience with the latest patch. ^.^

  126. ok (22 Apr 2015, 5:51)

    @skullbox, ok i am money

    @edtttttt you are fucking stupid not to find a solution because its easy to fix that

  127. AnonimityQRS (22 Apr 2015, 5:52)

    scratch the above comment…

  128. amraam (22 Apr 2015, 6:09)

    the game crashes on startup none of the “solutions” fixes it

  129. KingAsghar (22 Apr 2015, 6:21)

    Reloaded Please Crack This Game pleasessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  130. Hotaa (22 Apr 2015, 6:30)

    Hello, i want to ask if someone here have the same problem as me. Once in a while when i play game jump me into the pause menu (3 times consecutively). Its a crack problem or its a some bug or something like that?? Thanks for answer.

  131. Marcelo (22 Apr 2015, 7:00)

    Crash game when i use Q botton!!!!! Pls
    tell me more

  132. Ruff (22 Apr 2015, 7:18)

    Still crashes when you change the characters, i am on the garbage truck mission and when it changes to Micheal it crashes immediately.

  133. alex (22 Apr 2015, 7:36)

    what a idiotic thing to say ”they make game like this to crash for pirates so you will buy it” i will do oposite of that NOT TO BUY buggy game in first place who say it will work after buy at least will never buy for that kind of price..,tho only game for me worth buying full price was Skyrim.

  134. rudy (22 Apr 2015, 8:08)

    NOT WORKING! game crashes after loading. I have tried almost everything.

    in some log is something that file is missing “D:/games/gta…” – it seems that somewhere within the files is wrong path executable files!!! Please help.

  135. ivan (22 Apr 2015, 8:29)

    I cant change laguage through regedit … wtf -.-

  136. Gogogs (22 Apr 2015, 8:32)


    Thats the point problem at all on genuine crashes no freezes etc etc etc.why i do write here?
    well because i downloaded first the game to test it to see how it is (nver played GTA before).now i buy it.i spend 2k euros for my pc i can spend 49 euros for gta without getting frustrated everytime when i crash .isnt worth

  137. david (22 Apr 2015, 8:33)

    3dm fuck youuuuuuuu for this crack

  138. fail (22 Apr 2015, 8:51)

    click botton “Q” this game is error.

  139. Jrspider (22 Apr 2015, 9:06)

    Skidrom its stil in Chinees thise crack we can not change it

  140. pipis77 (22 Apr 2015, 9:07)

    dont buy this shit 2 years waiting…and now it is a buged game why for god buy this?

  141. Kane (22 Apr 2015, 9:15)

    For those who cannot keep the language set in game aswell as editing the registry you HAVE to change the 3dm ini file from zn-CHT to en-US that file should be in your gta 5 directory

  142. domtor (22 Apr 2015, 9:39)

    Hi. Guys.I played a few hours with game and also installed all cracks and updates.Now i have the Update 3 + this crack and when i start the game,the game just loadin and loading….I have everything like sound,pictures etc.. and the right botton screen a message: LOADING STORY MODE…and NOTHING happens.PLS help me :) thx

  143. agree (22 Apr 2015, 9:40)

    Agree with skullbox. Crack version full of virus, bug, crash, etc etc.. go get job, earn some money, buy the games!!

  144. BeBBo (22 Apr 2015, 9:48)

    A question: but if these fantastic guys were saying “fuck you, we do not do more cracks” you do after? I understand the stress of not being able to play after 2 years of waiting but always remember:
    1) the game is free for we.
    2) rockstar games don’t have certainly made life easier for these guys.
    So we are calm and give time to those who are working for us and is doing really faster!

  145. Immortalwinter (22 Apr 2015, 9:48)

    Muhannad thx man!

  146. pedda (22 Apr 2015, 9:53)

    i fixed the language problem…..the only problem i have so far, i get everytime Error Code 15….social club failed to inistalize. its a pain in the butt…..

    maybe my whole installation is fcked up because trying all the “fixes” who are posted here….

    [email protected] 4.5ghz
    16~1866mhz memory

    it should run <.<

  147. shubh (22 Apr 2015, 9:57)

    cant play have switchable amd graphics HD 8850M does anyone have a solution

  148. AmirIIIZ97 (22 Apr 2015, 10:17)

    nvwgf2umx.dll Crash
    I am crashing occasionally, so far its happened twice recently when doing heists. I am running a i5 3570k with 8gigs of ddr 3 ram, gta 970, and latest nvidia drivers, that were released along side this game’s release. I get warnings about being a bad player, and don’t want to be penalized for something that isn’t my fault. Please fix this!!

  149. JAJAJA (22 Apr 2015, 10:24)

    H<< Mission when i completly , gta 5 has stoppet working please , help me

  150. Mannam (22 Apr 2015, 10:43)

    problem not solved yet:
    lcn not working properly
    crash when firing from a car during mission
    game always open in window-mode
    wtf rockstar!?

    pc spec:
    i5 [email protected]
    8gb ram ddr3 @1700mhz
    hd5850 @850/4800

  151. 3DM4Life (22 Apr 2015, 10:53)

    Hey guys. Anyone found a fix to get the game to work with Steam overlay? It keeps killing social club’s “subprocess.exe” so I can’t log in…which leads to failed to initialize and ERROR CODE: 15. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  152. alex (22 Apr 2015, 10:54)

    this game is not worth this price END OF STORY! about crack full of viruses…only idiot can say that if you know well known groups there is no such thing like virus in their cracks! and those who say this game have no issue if you buy it you are pure liers. no software or games in this planet are without bugs thats why we have patches, updates… progress in general.

  153. K1os1t (22 Apr 2015, 11:12)

    click botton “Q” Game error “has stop……”

    Please fix this

  154. A.J. (22 Apr 2015, 11:25)

    I would like to ask if there is any possibility to fix the Stock Market bug. Basically what happens is after any Load you do after starting a new game, the links get all messed up. When you sort the LCN by name, for example, you click the 1st stock which is ARK and you get redirected to Air EMU instead. I’ve tried all the links in the LCN page and all of the stocks are messed up, for the exception of a couple. Here’s a full list of the bad redirections:

    Format: Original Acronym – Page it redirects/Wrong stock page

    ARK – Air EMU (EMU)
    AUG – Redirected to Bawsaq
    BAN – Fly US (FUS)
    BEN – Burger Shot (BGR)
    BGR – Dollar Pills (DOP)
    BIL – Bilkinton (this one is correct)
    BOL – Worlwide FM (WFM)
    BUL – Redirects to Bawsaq
    CLK – eCola (ECL)
    DEB – GoldCoast (GCD)
    DOP – GastroBands (GAS)
    ECL – GoPostal (GOP)
    GAS – Krapea (KRP)
    GCD – Cluckin Bell (CLK)
    GOP – Lifeinvader (LFI)
    GRU – Max Renda (MAX)
    HAF – Redirects to Bawsaq
    HJK – Redirects to Bawsaq
    KRP – PostOP (POP)
    LFI – ProLaps (PRO)
    LOG – Worldwide FM (WFM) (second time it gets redirected to WFM)
    MAX – Redwood (RWC)
    MAZ – Redirects to Bawsaq
    MER – Radio Los Santos (RLS)
    MOR – MorsMutual Insurance (MOR)
    POP – Richards Majestic (RIM)
    PRO – Taco Bomb (TBO)
    RAI – Bean Machine (BEN)
    RIM – Vangelico (VAG)
    RLS – Redirects to Bawsaq
    RWC – Up-n-Atom (UPA)
    SSS – Redirects to Bawsaq
    TBO – Vanilla Unicorn
    UNI – MerryWeather (MER)
    UPA – Redirects to Bawsaq
    VAG – Logger (LOG)
    WFM – Redirects to Bawsaq

    If anyone knows what file controls this or how to fix it, please step forward as it would also help the Skidrow/Reloaded team.

    Thanks in advance.

  155. Thomas (22 Apr 2015, 11:31)


    1. Don’t use grenades, bombs or any other thrown weapons. Use rocket launchers or just bullets if they do the trick. It’s a bug that causes you to crash, and by not using it you can pass all the missions you got stuck on !!!

    2. Your welcome 😉

  156. Raziel (22 Apr 2015, 11:44)

    The game is in chinese or something for me how do i put it in english ?

  157. Neel (22 Apr 2015, 11:54)

    Crack works fine..

    you need to change the order of language in 3dmgame.ini and then run as admin. Otherwise even if you change the registry, running it as an admin will revert back to chinese language.

    The other option is to change the registry and stop running it as admin but some of the people are facing crashes. Hence use the first method.

    Thanx 3dm and skidrowreloaded

  158. arun j (22 Apr 2015, 11:54)

    The game is crashing when i aim using right click in sanchez bike… i havent tried other bikes. but no problem in cars

  159. me (22 Apr 2015, 11:56)

    Turning off autosave worked for me in the switch characters bug!

  160. a hopefull fan (22 Apr 2015, 12:01)

    we’ll now i even know less after this update and crack v4 i can confirm when taking cover the game crashes so i cannot tell if the game will also crash during the switching of characters from franklin to michael so… waiting 1nce again..

  161. iAN (22 Apr 2015, 12:05)

    Social club problem
    failed to failed to initialize error code 15

  162. saranjivac (22 Apr 2015, 12:06)

    @bri how about you give some links with Q issue beeing a rockstar problem, I browsed their forums and there is NOTHING there about it…so it IS probably a crack issue…

  163. car_aim_workaround (22 Apr 2015, 12:43)

    For those crashing while aiming out of a car, here is a workaround that did it for me, but may not work for everyone:

    The crash happens when you are required to use a throwable item like a grenade and after that your game is fubared. BUT! If you throw the grenade/sticky bomb/gas while not having the item selected as weapon, you should be good. So, for example the first Heist mission, Franklin goes to the roof, has to throw the gas into the ducts. Go where the game points you to. Swap into 1st person (not 100% this is required, didn’t test), swap to a whatever gun you have (pistol, shotgun, smg). Aim with the gun where you want to throw the grenade. Press the quickthrow button (default G I think) to throw your gas grenade.

    So long as you didn’t hold the grenade as a weapon and did this, you should be able to shoot out of cars as normal.

  164. PhippsKhunt (22 Apr 2015, 12:44)

    !!!FIX for Q button crash!!!

    Go toC:\Users\– — USERNAME\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\Profiles\YOUR ID

    delete or rename cfg.dat and pc_setting.bin

    now start game and you will get the brightness setting etc. but it should not work

    I tried all the other ways people have said but this is the only way i have got it to work

  165. Byrdn (22 Apr 2015, 12:49)

    every day language jump to Chinese how can i fix this!?

  166. Devil (22 Apr 2015, 13:07)

    Story mission gameplay stucked. sometime person doesnt appear so mission get stucked!!! this is bullshit!!!

  167. Nisan (22 Apr 2015, 13:11)

    Please assist me!
    I have:
    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3612QM CPU @ 2.10GHz
    Video Card 1 AMD Radeon HD 7700M Series
    Video Card 2 Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000
    Memory 16 GB
    Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit

    After installing everything in-order, launching the game causes computer to freeze and then gta v crashes.
    I tried to change settings of the video card for “Power Saving” and then launch the game. The game launches successfully but stucks after a small video is being played.

    Please assist me !
    Whoever solves my problem gets $1 through paypal.

  168. bri (22 Apr 2015, 13:16)

    I have a fix for blitz play. DON’T — — USE STICKY BOMBS OR GRENADES.
    When you have to blow open the armored car equip a gun, then throw a sticky bomb using the G button and shoot it to detonate it.
    When you have to blow up the garbage truck simply shoot it with your assault rifle.

  169. Paryk (22 Apr 2015, 13:29)

    HI guys i play 10 minutes all work , 10 minutes later game bug and not respoding why :<

  170. Vero (22 Apr 2015, 13:32)

    PLEASE HELP! When i start the game and play for about 4 minutes it crashes and i have a message saying: “GTA V has stopped working” . What’s wrong please help….

  171. Nitro (22 Apr 2015, 13:40)

    Game crashes when you hit Q (cover button). Any solutions?

  172. Rio (22 Apr 2015, 13:47)

    Hey im login to heist mission im kill all police and go to gateway car and call to micheal go to micheal for mission and stopped working sorry im have some english please help.

  173. Lewis smith (22 Apr 2015, 13:47)

    the latest SKIDROW 3dm crack v4 has some bugs in the LCN stock markets the player spend his money but the Portfolio remains empty. The other bug is when the player are buying in the stock markets : suddenly on screen it appears a window asking if the player wants to save his game progress

  174. MKNazmi (22 Apr 2015, 13:49)

    In mission Derailed when Trevor driving a train then switch to Michael in the last zoom it crash and stopped working just like blitz play.Any solution to complete this mission without crash?

  175. jerome (22 Apr 2015, 13:58)

    It has a virus please remove it

  176. bobik127 (22 Apr 2015, 14:01)

    Witam jak klikam przycisk Q w grze wywala mi do pulpitu czy jest już jakiś patch aby to naprawić ?

  177. Bl0nd1 (22 Apr 2015, 14:03)

    For those who can’t launch the game (crask “doesn’t work”), use RGSC and not the version, works for me.

  178. Rio (22 Apr 2015, 14:15)

    im finish the garbage truck mission but switch to micheal and stopped the working please help

  179. TenShI (22 Apr 2015, 14:30)

    for some one get cover just need to use GTA5.exe from update v2 and still use crack v4.that should fix the problem.

  180. penus_licker (22 Apr 2015, 14:33)

    update 2 with crack v4
    no activation issue, no crash on taking cover issue, no character switching issue.

  181. Nikos (22 Apr 2015, 15:07)

    Please seed the torrents

  182. Andi (22 Apr 2015, 15:13)

    I don´t know what I´m do wrong, but always the Social Club says: “Error 1014, cannot connect to Social Club etc.” Does someone know want I can do? Want to play i 😀

    PS: Internetconnetion off

  183. skin (22 Apr 2015, 15:20)

    I’m running win 8.1 pro.
    After extracting the game, I installed social club using administration rights, I copied the folder update into the corresponding update folder of the game, did the same for the cracks folder.
    When I run launcher with or without administration rights, it shows a dialog box displaying a forum website.
    After that the screen blinks then nothing else.
    monitoring it though task manager, I  noticed the game loads(background processes) but FC b4

  184. Malik (22 Apr 2015, 15:25)

    For those who can’t change the language go to 3dmgame.ini and open it with notepad just delete china language and delete “;” in front of the language you want. just like this

  185. Ahmet (22 Apr 2015, 15:39)

    crack 4 ü yaptım takılmalar daha çok olmaya başladı

  186. WraithMajere (22 Apr 2015, 15:39)

    Regarding various Updates / Cracks – I’ve tried them all, I was about to give up and wait for another update (Update 4 Crack v5) or whatever… but then I read something about deleting pc_settings.bin and cfg.dat in the Users\xUserNamex\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\Profiles\xGameID – and then some people said to use Update 2 with Crack v4 and or Update 3 but with the Update 2 metadat.dat in the x64 folder of the Update 2… so this morning I played around with all 3 Updates, but using Crack v4 only… as the other cracks have the time/date bug.. — After trying ALL combinations I was still crashing immediately when pressing “q” to hide/duck behind cover… – To test this, all I did was load directly into story mode and as soon as my character loaded inside his “safehouse” I pressed “q” and it immediately Crashed… with all variations of Updates/Metadats and even after deleting cfg.dat and pc_settings.bin in the Documents folder listed above… -Nothing seemed to work… So then I was like screw it… i Just won’t press Q or Aim while inside a vehicle lol… – and I completed some random mission, and Saved the game “again” in a different save slot…
    to my surprise after saving the new game… I could now Press Q inside the SafeHouse… without crashing… — The configuration I ended up with…. was Update 1 (all files, including the metadat.dat from Update 1) – and Crack v4 — and also deleting cfg.dat and pc_settings.bin – aparently saving a new game seemed to fix it, after doing all that… “at least for now” who knows if I’ll crash again, pressing Q or some random Crash while Aiming While Driving… – Honestly I don’t know… it seems to be 100% random on different missions “or” it could have something to do with your savegame… ie if you saved your game with update 2 crack v3, and then installed Update 3 crack v4.. and saved the game again, and started experiencing the Q-Crash, and went back to Update 2 using the same savegame… you would still have the Q crash…. from every save onwards… unless you delete the cfg.dat pc_settings.bin use Update 1 (all files) and Crack v4, beat a mission, and save into a new slot… lol – anyway it’s just an idea, haven’t testing for hours and or days yet… lol

  187. PM20 (22 Apr 2015, 15:48)

    Hi.. Yeah, chance the language it’s easy. but the game crashes with we pull the buttom “Q”.

    What the problem?

  188. Alex (22 Apr 2015, 15:57)

    guaranteed crash when pressing q or the right bumper button the framerate is better but the freezes, lockups and stuttering increased drastically not to mention that only by chance will the game start without crashing after load, it’s basically its a throw of the dice. Hope that another crack is on the way you’re doing a great job but please, nobody tested the cover button before releasing this?

  189. Mineral (22 Apr 2015, 16:28)

    How to fix the problem when i press Q and the game crashes?

  190. Mich (22 Apr 2015, 16:28)

    A good fix to get past the FIB HEIST mission, where it wont crash on loadover between Franklin and Michael

    replace the latest crack with the previous one.

    if it changes language to chinese, either use the regedit version or use the 3DM.ini in your game directory.

    Load the game, go into settings and disable auto save.
    Proceed to do the mission, at the part where you have to stickybomb the armored van, do this from within the vehicle ( garbage truck ) ride allong a few feet, so you dont detonate yourself. and blow the doors. ( this will park your vehicle in it’s designated cinematic spot and put you right outside the van holding a gun on the 2 guards )

    Once you dealt with the waves of police and swat, go to your getaway vehicle with the truck.

    DO NOT — — USE A STICKY BOMB OR GRENADE on the vehicle to destroy it, the thrown weapons are the sole reason for the crash.

    Right behind the passenger cabin on the lower right , is a silver gasoline tank, take some distance and unload your gun into it, it will explode.

    get into the get-a-way vehicle, when michael calls you on the cell, accept and you should now have a bug free cinematic load over onto his character without a game crash.

    It worked for me :).


  191. Vero (22 Apr 2015, 17:13)

    After 5 minutes playing the first mission, the game crashes!!! GTA V has stopped working… PLEASE HELP

  192. Drunkoslav (22 Apr 2015, 17:21)

    My game crashes right after start, i try lot of combinations Updates/Cracks and nothing happend.

  193. wassaa (22 Apr 2015, 17:25)


    I tried your solution, but it doesn’t work for me, it still crash/freeze. Thanks anyway.

  194. weeza (22 Apr 2015, 17:43)


    it seems ur a genius……

    aim at vehicle and Q key spammed during 30 minutes in some missions and no crash at all……..hope it will continue :)

  195. LactoGamer786 (22 Apr 2015, 17:49)

    First of all, thanks skidrow for this amazing work.
    Everything from your side is just fine, but I’m getting WerFault.exe error in my Laptop and when I searched on youtube to fix this, I disabled werfault.exe. Now, when I launch my game with Launcher.exe, it shows GTA V Has stopped working immediately.

    Please figure out this problem.


  196. javi (22 Apr 2015, 17:58)

    esto no funciona chinos de los cojones, iba perfecto y ahora ni arranca

  197. Valodas (22 Apr 2015, 18:17)

    Am I the only one who gets crash on very first intro mision, when you just get oustside and start shoting cops? Running gtx 755m SLI windows 8

  198. a hopefull fan (22 Apr 2015, 18:20)

    tried doing the mission with autosave disabled and not using cover noir using thrownables and yet it still crashes upon switching from franklin to michael im out of options :/ guess its time for you guys to work yer magics :)

  199. @milano (22 Apr 2015, 18:24)

    i cant play the mission whit tonya, the mision appears in map, but tonya dissapear and i cant do the mission.
    anybody can help me please????


  200. Jeff (22 Apr 2015, 18:33)


    After killing all the cops you need to take the garbage truck and destroy it, dont do that simply kill yourself 3 times with grenade or C4 and you will see there is now a SKIP MISSION button (space button) voila :)

  201. Paryk (22 Apr 2015, 18:34)

    same problem 5 minutes first mission and crash not respoding :<<

  202. EmteCC (22 Apr 2015, 18:34)

    Good job men Thank you !
    Enjoy :)

  203. roll (22 Apr 2015, 18:58)

    if you got “Q” crash.
    just rollback to “update 2”

  204. MrWhite (22 Apr 2015, 19:00)

    About chaning the language in the game. You must edit 3dmgame.ini
    and remove semicolon from line that contains your language and add semicolon before this line:

    so the file supposed to like like this:


    But it still crash in the mission for FBI now, when after you blew up the minivan dors ant try to hide being a Franklin. So still waiting for working crack.


  205. Allison (22 Apr 2015, 19:19)

    still crash the game at 10min or 15min playing :/

  206. AJ (22 Apr 2015, 19:21)

    So regarding the broken Stock Market links after loading, I started testing with all the files. It seems that the save game is corrupted and the Stock Market only works by starting a fresh game. Something happens while saving the game (probably something to do with Social Club or the lack of connection to it) that breaks the Stock Market. I’ve tried deleting all files except for the save games in MyDocuments\Rockstar Games folder but it doesn’t fix the problem. I suppose the info of when you start a fresh game is stored somewhere (RAM perhaps) but it will corrupt when transformed into a savegame.

    A shame, since you actually need the stock market to fully enjoy the single player mode.

    Hope you guys can fix it. Thanks for everything so far.

  207. Al-Z (22 Apr 2015, 19:24)

    The game crash in few mins playing U.U help?

  208. A l l i EGAMING (22 Apr 2015, 19:28)

    Let’s if it’s going to fix my stopped working issue + savegame, i’m so mad about this, i finished like 5-6 missions after “The Good Husband mission” woke up in the next day, was playing just fine then got stopped working, when i launched the game again i started playing from “The Good Husband mission” again, it’s driving me crazy, and actually it happened just now, so i came here hoping for an update 3 and i found it, like i said let’s see if this is going to help me or not! awesome work team :)

  209. Leon (22 Apr 2015, 19:30)

    ATTENTION brothers !

    To convert the Chinese language to English.

    – Create a file called ” commandline ” .TXT inside the game folder.

    – Enter into the file the following command without the quotes ” -uilanguage american”

    -Save The file. Okay , it’s done .

  210. wabbajack (22 Apr 2015, 19:48)

    Game is chrashing during first heist, anyone know a fix?

  211. Vero (22 Apr 2015, 19:56)

    Same problem as many of you! Crash after few minutes of playing(5 min)…. Let’s hope next update fixes it!!!

  212. Robin (22 Apr 2015, 20:07)

    Now game crash when you get in cover instead -_-

  213. Mentholking (22 Apr 2015, 20:34)

    This version have several BUGS!! BUT!!! still thanx for the big contribute!!!

    -While switching to a rifle and selecting the tiers I got flung to the sky and instant death is normal in that circumstances.
    -When i go for taking cover “Q” the game buggs out and crashes (Every damn time)
    -And this one i am not sure for everyone… the vSync can’t be off it will always returns to Half.

  214. Bobo (22 Apr 2015, 20:42)

    Mentholking i agreeee

  215. Bobo (22 Apr 2015, 20:43)

    and game switched to chinese i dont know how to turn it to german again

  216. amissosos (22 Apr 2015, 21:43)

    вы все гавно нехуя нечего неработает

  217. fahrraddieb (22 Apr 2015, 21:59)

    is it just me or anybody else have the feeling that the game works better without the updates ?

  218. Yavuz (22 Apr 2015, 22:09)

    error!!!!!!! ”Q buton” and ”right click” errrrooorrrr!!!!!!! please !!!!!!!!

  219. honomo (22 Apr 2015, 22:44)

    Please help, i have random game crashes after 5-10 minutes, sometimes less. Sometimes BSOD, other gta5.exe appcrash. The same with all cracks and updates. Tried everything but still crashing (dx10.1, windowed mode, vsync off, turn off antivirus, update windows, update drivers, etc, etc etc….) Windows 7 ultimate, sp1, all updates, AMD phenom II 1055t, ati r9 280, 8gb 1600mhz. Any fix? any others with this problem??? Thx

  220. ToM (22 Apr 2015, 23:28)

    Doesn’t fix the chatacter switching problem, or any other BEX64 problem – actually, with this crack/update I’m having also random BEX64 crashes, wich I didn’t have with previous cracks/updates.

  221. Paryk (22 Apr 2015, 23:35)

    any mission i start play 5 min later crash :<

  222. Pedro BR (23 Apr 2015, 0:27)

    the game crashes on the first mission of Travor when shooting in this gang of LOST … I reinstalled all the versions of patches and cracks … how to solve ?? please help me !!

  223. Pedro BR (23 Apr 2015, 0:29)

    the game crashes on the first mission of Trevor when shooting in this gang of LOST … I reinstalled all the versions of patches and cracks … how to solve ?? please help me !!

  224. Burzum (23 Apr 2015, 2:40)

    I click Launcher, it executes 2 secs on background then close..

  225. Bhashitha (23 Apr 2015, 3:05)

    For Who Not Made In China
    1. Unzip
    2. (optional step) to update the new version of the game Installers folder of prerequisites RGSC
    3. Copy the upgrade patch Update folder to the game directory covering
    4. Copy the Crack folder to the game directory covering crack patch
    5. (optional step) to run a copy from the Update folder to the registry key recovery tool after the game directory
    6. Run Launcher.exe into the game

  226. jayr (23 Apr 2015, 3:09)

    the “Q” Cover bug happens with the update 3 gta 5.exe and launchgta 5.exe try using the gta5.exe and launchgta5.exe from update 2 then use the v4 crack it works well for me

  227. hmdmas (23 Apr 2015, 3:25)

    for stop crash the game after covering
    1 – install update 3
    2 – copy the GTA5.exe & GTAVLauncher.exe from update 1 to the game folder type
    3 – enjoy the game
    note sometime when you trying to shoot from inside the car the game still crashing D:

  228. Ahmed (23 Apr 2015, 6:23)

    I’ve got a problem on a mission to rob a bank and a car is a car with you rubbish and car winch and after to get rid of the police are required to take the Franklin CAR garbage and escape and then goes into the car to escape and destroy the garbage car and then related to Michael and when change personal Michael stands to the game and I can not complete the task

  229. ziggen (23 Apr 2015, 7:18)

    How to stop AIM FROM CAR CRASH! Before aiming Select a weapon… even if you only have one gun. Make sure the gun icon comes up. I think the bug is because the game is thinking you are aiming when you are unarmed. Selecting the weapon fixes it. It works for me.

  230. BudZ (23 Apr 2015, 7:19)

    since update 2 with crack v3 i already crash when press right click in the car… then here come the crash again when switch between frank to michael… but anyway thx skidrow…

    for anyone wish it perfect play buy the ORIGINAL don’t blame the cracker… lol…

  231. Bertel (23 Apr 2015, 7:59)

    update 2 crack v4 works no chrash on q (cover)

    i5 h87 8gb gtx 760 sc

  232. LactoGamer786 (23 Apr 2015, 9:02)

    Please help me out about Werfault.exe ERROR! PLEASE GUYS! :[

  233. jubair (23 Apr 2015, 9:05)

    its happend to me please [email protected] fix This Problem first and when i try to take cover than the game crashes so please fix this problem on update4

  234. Urke (23 Apr 2015, 9:06)

    Doesn’t fix the character switching problem…

  235. darkangel76 (23 Apr 2015, 9:11)

    Folder GTA V—->Update–>x64—>dlcpacks.
    You need files :
    The first three files are necessary to get Tanya’s missions (Add them and she will appear).

  236. sajad (23 Apr 2015, 9:19)

    help ( error Activation Required ) plz

  237. JAMES (23 Apr 2015, 10:01)

    oh great with this update it’s even worse… My game used to crash only due to shooting from vehicles during a mission or when it switched between characters right after I destroyed the trash car… now it crashes even when I want to cover T_T

  238. Ahilles (23 Apr 2015, 10:35)

    Its working but FPS droped down to 30….

  239. Mark (23 Apr 2015, 10:38)

    Guys, I have a really big one problem! After I finish the last (final) mission of main story (Lester Crest, The Third Way) I have a subtitles and I’m getting the letter, but after that my GTA getting crashed (don’t working). My autosave is off. Please help because i can’t pass the game. Is anyone have that problem or I’m the one? Help please! :)))

  240. Niels (23 Apr 2015, 10:41)

    my game in chinese and i cant change it! pls fix it man!

  241. skarface (23 Apr 2015, 10:58)

    works great (y)(y)…but game is crashing in trevors first mission in the shootout after chasing!!!!
    is it just me or is everyone facing it?

  242. halama (23 Apr 2015, 11:01)

    solved chinese language by regedit change but cannot solve when pressing: “Q” for cover.
    game frozen everytime when tried.

    thx for solving’re awesome!

  243. John Doe (23 Apr 2015, 11:07)

    another fix for the Issue with pressing the Q Button:

    Start GTAVLauncher.exe, dont need to login… let it open.
    Then start the Launcher.exe.

    Works fine for me

  244. asuna (23 Apr 2015, 11:15)

    is this fix the “activation required” problem?

  245. zeltorr (23 Apr 2015, 11:49)

    Ok guys – a possible solution for crashes switching betweern characters and shooting from car :
    DO NOT — — USE throwable weapons on foot(Nades, sticky bombs … ) U can only use them pressing G when ur char throws them without taking them in hand .
    ( the crashes happened in some particular missions – when u throw smoke grenades or use sticky bombs on armed truck ) try this using G (default) .

  246. Psycho (23 Apr 2015, 12:10)

    Big thx Leon !!
    when regedit don’t work for change lanuage …
    Use Leon technic, create file commandline
    it work good !!

  247. BATMAN (23 Apr 2015, 12:14)

    Like i mention with my words before… here in a lesser strategic but more technical way:

    CRASHES WHEN TAKING COVER: Reddit Discussion

    Honestly, buy the game! If you don’t have the (max.) €/$ 60,- for it then i wonder why you spend money for other useless things day for day! And don’t say you don’t! GTA V is the biggest game production i ever saw! Never saw a game that full of details, variety and quality! Appriciate it! Buy it!

  248. S U L L I V A N (23 Apr 2015, 12:28)

    game sometimes crash of course, but the biggest problem is mission “H” (something about 30% game) robber security truck, and fighting with police long time) game always crash in the same moment, with this crack crash when start fighting with police, with crack v1 and v2 on end mission crash when Franklin change character on Michael, all time in the same time and moment
    THIS IS REAL PROBLEM, cant progress mission becouse of this, this is PROBLEM WITH .DLL file becouse i checked all options with others crack, and GTAV.exe Launcher etc.

    NEED FIX THIS MISSION BUG CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  249. MAMAS (23 Apr 2015, 12:29)

    stuck in FIB mission when switching from franklin

  250. Gogos (23 Apr 2015, 13:00)

    Thank you Reloaded-Skidrow-3DM for the efford .
    To the rest .I purchased after 5 years a game i this case GTAV
    Realy support Rockstar by buying that game it cost only 50 Euro and you will able to play a real GTV without bugs crashes i sayd.
    Cracked GTA = No GTA.its nice to test it out but you cant play it for long.Go buy its worth the money.Support Rockstar
    Thank you

  251. pieCy (23 Apr 2015, 13:21)

    Patch notes:

    Grand Theft Auto 5 V4 crack fixes; yaoyao5128 by 3DM forum members share a patch provided, Rockstar Games in the 3rd block upgrade file to insert an anti-piracy mechanism to enforce validation GTAVLauncher.exe, lead generation V4 crack bunker BUG. The “fixes” is actually just a simple batch script. The principle is to start GTAVLauncher.exe before running game, and after 2 minutes (enough to start the game) closed GTAVLauncher.exe.

    Instructions for use:

    1. Unzip

    2. Place the file in the root directory of the game, with Launcher.cmd start the game.

    (Need to have fought 3DM 3 号 upgrade gear + V4 crack patch to use!

    ps batch execution process do not manually turned off, it will automatically execute after the exit. )

    3. Start the game

    Try This

  252. raven (23 Apr 2015, 13:28)

    FIB heaist Crashes ! Q close the game ! any soloution ?

  253. raven (23 Apr 2015, 14:05)

    i solved it ! just blow yourself up three time and than skip to the next checkpoint !

  254. Anti (23 Apr 2015, 14:08)

    stop bullshitting. Want a game without bugs and expected updates ? – BUY IT

  255. lazz61 (23 Apr 2015, 14:14)

    game crashes when game switches from franklin to michael in a mission

  256. JD_1609 (23 Apr 2015, 14:30)

    WHY!?!?!? when i change language on EN so me there stay Chinese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!??


  257. Sharan (23 Apr 2015, 15:34)

    Gta v shown corrupted audio files

    Two files

    At start gta v shows
    The instruction at 0x30f21fe5 referenced memory at 0x0000aab4.

    Terminate program

  258. bri (23 Apr 2015, 15:46)

    @BATMAN I would buy it except they fucked pc fans over with repeated delays and now they’re fucking us with bugs (and no the bugs aren’t because the game is pirated, plenty of legit users on steam and rockstar forums are reporting them) I’ll buy the game when it works properly.

  259. TDT (23 Apr 2015, 15:54)

    for pp who has crash when press Q:

    Just replace the GTAV.exe with the GTAV.exe from the update 2. U’re welcome

  260. Rivo (23 Apr 2015, 15:58)

    Hello skidrow, need help with Werfault.exe when game chargement after lauching , thanks

  261. FUCKING LANGUAGE (23 Apr 2015, 16:07)

    that fucking language is terrible

  262. ANTONIS F (23 Apr 2015, 16:40)


  263. MukY (23 Apr 2015, 16:53)

    game crashes after update 3 any solutions how to fix

  264. MujadSky (23 Apr 2015, 17:11)

    To change the language follow the below steps:

    01. Create a text file in main game folder
    02. And name it commandline
    03. Open commandline.txt file and type inside
    04. -uilanguage american
    05. Save it and click the launcher and enjoy game…

  265. noname (23 Apr 2015, 17:19)

    update 2 and crack v4 works fine no crashes

  266. RHINO79 (23 Apr 2015, 17:55)


  267. austin.316 (23 Apr 2015, 19:00)


  268. PROBLEM (23 Apr 2015, 19:06)

    the games says that i must Launch PlatGTAV.exe. is it fixed with the Update 3? and why so?

  269. sg111 (23 Apr 2015, 19:40)

    i could not complete the friend request mission because de suburban store door dit not open. Then after downloading another save game past this point i discovered that i again could not enter a store, this time in the casing the jewel store mission not being able to enter the jewel store. Simply wont open. Other shops such as clothing stores in general also no opening. Is there any known fix for this? (working with the latest v3 update)

  270. predatore (23 Apr 2015, 19:48)

    There is a crash in the mission named: “Blitz play #2” after destroying the doors of the delivery van while police is comming. (When u destroy the doors u hear that police is comming. In that moment game crashes.)

  271. Sm0k3rr (23 Apr 2015, 20:00)

    the first update was better then the other two, i cant play 10min without crash

  272. germin (23 Apr 2015, 20:00)

    Hello again from Greece. i use the crack version 3 and the game stop working after trevor Fraklin and Michael stop the truck it hold money. i hope the crack version 4 solve the problem. i think now i like the game very much, because it has sensitive people background, and because it is funny some times. The 95% of the crack, of other games, have trojan and my antivirus, stop them to install, and i agree with that, because at the past my old PC damaged from a program that downloads things and now i am very careful. Please don’t post it out this, and thanks for not doing the time before.

  273. Chilo (23 Apr 2015, 20:28)

    Hey first th for all your work.

    My game crashs in the prologue everytime i open the garage door and fight the first cops.
    MAybe this is the “crash after 5 minutes” some mentioned here?
    I only tried crack/ update 2 and 3. Same result. Driver are upto date – Beta gta V AMD drivers.

    Somebody has an idea what else i could try?


  274. Mounir (23 Apr 2015, 22:07)

    the crack don’t run
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4005U CPU @ 1.70GHz
    Ram : 4 Go
    OS : Windows 8.1 64 bite
    GPU : NVIDIA GeForce 820M ‎(PS5.0/VS5.0)‎
    VRAM : 1024 MB

  275. Claude Speed (23 Apr 2015, 22:19)

    Guys, someone please upload x64m.rpf file. This is the only file I’m missing in the game!

  276. MJ1375Killer (23 Apr 2015, 22:19)

    i cant pass the firs strangers and freaks with franklin.when i go there at the ? sign ,there is nothing to do plz help me.

  277. Fase (23 Apr 2015, 22:19)

    With 3 i update v4 crack the game crashes whenever I cover me on a wall or in a car

  278. john (23 Apr 2015, 23:47)

    please skidrow release

  279. Nawchi (24 Apr 2015, 0:16)

    Hey guys,is this standlone ?(no needed,prev cracked ?)

  280. PhippsKhunt (24 Apr 2015, 0:22)

    hey everyone iv been helping with fixing issues on another forum check this should help with alot of issues. though we are still trying to fix the q cover crash on update 3. we are pretty sure its the update.rpf more that the v4 crack

  281. Freako (24 Apr 2015, 2:47)

    @Chilo: i think its the BEX64 crash bug! GTA V crashed after pressing forward + get cover + with gun equiped…EVERYTIME!!!! …. have the same problem -.-*

  282. Kpoda9158 (24 Apr 2015, 3:52)

    with GTA V crashing all the time we should start a contest, the most crashes of the day, “aim in vehicle” CRASH “take cover” CRASH “change character” CRASH “middle finger” CRAAAAAAAAAAASH 😀

  283. facu (24 Apr 2015, 4:04)


  284. wasem (24 Apr 2015, 4:05)

    huy guys i manged to run the game on win 8.1 with v3 crack but its keep crasching on the first mission

  285. avalon (24 Apr 2015, 4:08)

    se crashea en la mision el bloqueo a la mitad ya probe los tres cracks para win 8.1 y se sigue el mismo error como solucionarlo

  286. doblonk (24 Apr 2015, 4:19)

    crash when mission :(

  287. facu (24 Apr 2015, 4:20)


  288. ALi WanTed (24 Apr 2015, 8:16)

    I’ve Got Problem With This Missions ” Blitz Play #2 ” When i Wanna Get a Way From The Trash Truck GTA V HAS STOPED WORKING ! I Don’t Know What to do ! is this for the crack ? or something else ?

    Please Help me Skidrow i’ve got another problem When I Push ” Q ” every Where Without In Car ! Again GTA V Has Stoped Working ! Please Guys I Beging You Help me ! Anwser Me :(

  289. anonymous (24 Apr 2015, 8:33)

    update 2 and crack v4 works awesome no issues with my switchable graphics :)

  290. SG_cr7 (24 Apr 2015, 9:25)

    hey guys, my game crashes everytime i play mr. philips mission…?
    pplease help someone..!!!!

  291. amr (24 Apr 2015, 9:28)

    i have problem with the game
    every thing is alright except in the mission when i push the cover button (Q ) the game crashed . i tried many times different missions but i don’t know what the solution

  292. Mister X (24 Apr 2015, 9:45)


    Run GTA Launcher (DO NOT CLOSE IT)
    Run Launcher.

    Go to Startup Settings and Turn OFF Landing Page.
    Volla no more aiming and cover crashes.

  293. Monses (24 Apr 2015, 9:56)

    freezing in the prologue cop fight. with high graphics and with low. no chance to play the game now.

  294. IEatPonies (24 Apr 2015, 10:09)

    For those who have the “Q” crash problem.

    Start “GTAVLauncher.exe” before you run 3dm’s “Launcher.exe”

    If u have the “Blitz” mission crash, just die 3 times when you have to go to the getaway car then you will have the option to skip that part.

  295. Skllmy (24 Apr 2015, 10:55)

    How can I download snapshot pictures which I took in game?

  296. javad (24 Apr 2015, 11:17)

    thank you
    best site game

  297. PhippsKhunt (24 Apr 2015, 11:26)

    We have found the problem for the q button cover. it is the gtav.exe from 335.2 (update 3) if you download the gtav.exe from 331.1(update 2) it will work with no issues. this seems the game for the aiming/shooting in car etc

  298. MeDOx3 (24 Apr 2015, 11:32)

    Please help me, the game crashes only in missions i don’t know why ?

  299. VikOliCyr (24 Apr 2015, 11:45)

    For those who experience the crash problem during the prologue:

    the reason it crashes is because of getting to cover. Sometimes it works without crashing, but mostly it does crash!

    To resolve:

    Install update 3
    Use crack v4
    Copy the GTAV.exe file from the second update to the folder.

    Just use this temp solution until this gets fixed.

  300. DODO (24 Apr 2015, 11:58)

    I hope somebody can fix the “when riding a car then putting ur guns out game crash big time!”

  301. Safdar (24 Apr 2015, 12:34)

    @Nico @Victor @Noby

    For Those Who Got Crashed at Aiming From a Vehicle i Have Solution For That NASTY BUG.

  302. KHALID (24 Apr 2015, 13:06)

    hi all … this update fix shit …
    crash game evey time i am on mission disecert location when i finish killing the caps i run away to where i hide the care to getway with it when frinklen calling michael game crashed i tried evey shit of this update ..i am using win8.1 msi r9 280x 3g , cpu amd fx 8350 4.8gz 6gb of ram

  303. bokoy (24 Apr 2015, 13:39)

    Hi, thanks skidrow&reloaded for your great job, have been following for years now.
    As everyone else in here can’t progress due to blitz mission and the character change between frank and mich. Have tried all the solutions mentioned in here but no one works, don’t bother trying and wait for new crack. Games works awesome, this is the only problem.
    Gtx770 2gb
    8gig ram 1866
    Win7 sp1

  304. Sharn25 (24 Apr 2015, 14:12)

    For error
    The instruction at 0x30f21fe5 referenced memory at 0x0000aab4.

    Reextract gta v full
    And use crack and update 3

  305. Fredden (24 Apr 2015, 14:19)

    When I download the game, what do I do then? I get to activation part and I dont know how to get a key from a torrent. Thanks :)

  306. virus040 (24 Apr 2015, 14:24)

    please fix the game crash issue of switching character after 38%

  307. The Z (24 Apr 2015, 14:26)

    Nothing mentioned above works .
    What is your suggestion and Aiming Bug Fix?

  308. sima (24 Apr 2015, 15:52)

    I have a problem, in game i must go to menu but now is error “unrecoverable fault – restart game”

  309. Safdar (24 Apr 2015, 16:09)

    @The Z.

    My Frends i Have a Solution For a BUG Which Crashed Game When You are Trying To Aim From a Vehicle.

    & For That BUG You Need To Do This.

    In Game Press ESC > Go To Settings > Go To Saving & Statup > Turn Landing Page OFF > Restart The Game.

    Thats it You’re Done.

    Reply Me If It Works.

  310. donz (24 Apr 2015, 16:11)

    the game crashes after the main fbi mission (escaping from garbage truck) and getaway vehicle..any fix for this plz help????

  311. Expy55 (24 Apr 2015, 16:22)

    It´s crashing :((

  312. weeza (24 Apr 2015, 17:13)


    works for me for the moment (spamming Q and aiming as much as possible)

    thx to u and mister X

  313. ZzamboO (24 Apr 2015, 17:34)

    Guys i have a problem, when i run the game social club aske me fo activation please help me with that ?! :(

  314. ali (24 Apr 2015, 18:10)

    update v2 is better than v3, believe me

  315. bokoy (24 Apr 2015, 19:01)

    Only one solution that works for fib mission… Skip at the end before hetting in the truck, die 3 times and done, fastest way 3 nades in ur face

  316. Safdar (24 Apr 2015, 19:03)


    You Welcome :) Enjoy Gaming Dude (Y)

  317. Brain y (24 Apr 2015, 19:19)

    i keep having crash after fib robbery when i blow up the truck and swich to michael… hope this will fix it

  318. weeza (24 Apr 2015, 19:21)

    @safdar : after 2h gaming no crash at all i progressed 10% more…..

    thx again

  319. Trabalinski (24 Apr 2015, 19:39)

    @ZzamboO change your date on computer to 15 april 2015 then run game by luncher

  320. Ahilles (24 Apr 2015, 20:09)

    Works fine for me without car aim/take cover or missions crashes!
    -Gta5.exe from update 2
    -update 3 instaled
    -crack v4

    only problem is that i cant’t get back to 60FPS …is stocked at 30FPS
    any ideea?

  321. Rahul (24 Apr 2015, 20:17)

    Gta V not working in Windows 8.1
    all cracked apply but no useful
    sometimes game opens but then stops and windows close the program
    after it game not opened

    Any Solutions

  322. mohamed (24 Apr 2015, 20:47)

    can anyone solve this problem I can’t pass the first mission it crashes every time I go to the car and trying to escape

  323. Ravi (24 Apr 2015, 20:58)

    GTA V not working

    win 8.1, 4 GB RAM , intel hd graphics, AMD 8500/8700M beta version Graphics, 2.7GHZ intel quad core processor

    when I disable AMD Graphic from device manager and open the game, game starts but runs very very slow and lagging
    when AMD not disable then game does not start at all

  324. iswarrior (24 Apr 2015, 20:59)

    zzamboo fix date to 15 .04.2015

  325. Adam (24 Apr 2015, 21:05)

    It really annoys me reading you little assholes bitching and yelling at the SkidRow crew about the crack not working, or some issue with the game.


  326. iswarrior (24 Apr 2015, 21:05)

    its craching all the times and in the fbi mission you cant skip ….:/

  327. The Z (24 Apr 2015, 21:20)

    Safdar I tried this. But it’s not working . I get crash. I hope Rockstar release an update, since this bug has nothing to do with cracks. It’s OFFICIAL .

  328. Reaper (24 Apr 2015, 22:23)

    the aim in the car crash, happens when before u aim in the car, u use a throwable weapon, like in the heist mission u throw a smoke granade with frankilin, landing page is not fixing this bug, at least not for me , please someone fix this

  329. Pradeep (24 Apr 2015, 22:45)

    Plz upload FTP link

  330. Pradeep (24 Apr 2015, 22:46)

    Plz sir upload FTP link

  331. JRB (25 Apr 2015, 0:51)

    Great work. Works perfect……….. except when I try to take cover! Crashes every time no matter where I try. That is the only issue I’m having now. Also maybe modify the 3DM crack so it starts the game in English without having to change the registry. Minor issues. Keep up the great work. Hoping I can take cover soon lol.

  332. Caio (25 Apr 2015, 2:06)


  333. heist (25 Apr 2015, 2:29)

    the mission heist 16 times trying with no success i tried the gtv.exe file from update 2 and it worked fixed the shooting crashes and Q prblms , now am waiting for the next update and crack and thanks to the best crew ever for the game (plz fix the mission )

  334. ttablett (25 Apr 2015, 3:17)

    Please help me, I don’t know way this 7z (zip) file I downloaded is totally empty. I mean this update3 for gtaV zip file. I turned off windows defender and antivirus, and downloaded it again, still empty, then I downloaded it with my mobile Note 4, and still getting empty 7z file. Any solve for this problem???

  335. Daman (25 Apr 2015, 3:36)

    Native Trainer for GTA V, from Alexander Blade, find on Goog..
    Nice! Greatly Fun!

  336. blurr (25 Apr 2015, 6:55)

    Game works for approximately 5minutes. Crashes repeatedly when exiting the bank where cops are located in the prologue, or trying to take cover in prologue.

    I get this error:
    BEX64 – Appcrash

    Apparently its a common error throughout the web. even those with legit copies cant play.

  337. saman (25 Apr 2015, 7:47)

    help my plz
    how to change language befor in the game.

  338. Espiritu (25 Apr 2015, 8:16)

    Hi guys. Game works very nice…but one problem is cover. When i press Q game fall down. Everytime in mission. When i try cover during normal move around city it is fine. But in mission gtaV.exe stopped working everytime. Do u know what i can do with it?

  339. Jon Do (25 Apr 2015, 9:10)

    Crack works! Cover crash confirmed. Worked in the very first part of the intro but when you enter the first shootout it crashes if you take cover.

  340. Safdar (25 Apr 2015, 9:27)


    Great News :) Good To Hear This :) Enjoy Gaming :)

    & You Welcome Dude

  341. junior (25 Apr 2015, 9:29)

    Plz Fix Q carsh 😉

  342. Safdar (25 Apr 2015, 9:31)

    @The Z

    The Z i Had Same Problem But When i Did That Trick It Works Completely Fine.

    After This My Game is Working Superbly, Like You See “weeza” Comments. After This, His Problem is Also Fixed.

    But Don’t Know Why Its Not Working For You My Friend :(

  343. Chaosdrag (25 Apr 2015, 10:06)

    Crashes if my controller is connected!!
    does anybody know how i can play with my controller??

  344. mikey (25 Apr 2015, 10:29)

    anyone know why i got no missions after father/son?? also cant start strangers and freaks mission no girl in the point.

  345. etay (25 Apr 2015, 12:29)

    whenever im taking cover behind a vehicle the game crashes. plz upload an update with a fix

  346. Mikey (25 Apr 2015, 13:11)

    For those of you who are having the D3D INIT crash… i have a solution that has solved my problem:

    Goto My/Documents/Rockstar Games\GTA V

    there you will find a Setings file written in xml – open/edit it with notepad or something..

    Find the line that says:

    Change this to

    Save – problem will be gone.

  347. Mikey (25 Apr 2015, 13:12)

    The line that says:

    DX Version Value = 2

    Chnage this to 1 and save the file…

    Problem Solved.

    Love all of you!

  348. armadagunx (25 Apr 2015, 13:40)

    how to fix chinese language to english
    step 1.
    >click start-run-type “regedit.exe”- go to hkey local machine-software-wow6432node-rockstars-gta5
    >double click language change CN to EN
    >save and close

    step 2.
    >at crack v4 open with notepad 3dm.ini and delete all text and paste this


    >save and play launcher.exe
    may this help

  349. Kauls (25 Apr 2015, 13:57)

    helped me finnish Federal Investigation Bureau mission without skip and game crash ( read Stephen comment!)

  350. louis (25 Apr 2015, 15:18)

    un tout grand merci…

    bug after the third turning… it’s me or the crack is not good ?

    gros bug apres le 3ème bracage… est ce moi ou le crack est pas encore bon ?

  351. loznic (25 Apr 2015, 15:38)

    playing in windowed mode failure is solved for q and it is not going the joystick, install the joystick controllers for xbox 360

  352. jorge (25 Apr 2015, 16:26)

    Crash on mission 3 complications crash in fight michael vs simeon just launcher has stopped work

  353. pedda (25 Apr 2015, 16:29)

    I still cant go into the game…its asking to activate social club shyt.

    tried the 3dm launcher -> ERROR CODE: 15.

    is there a fix anytime soon ?

  354. Fredden (25 Apr 2015, 16:42)

    Hi again! I have succesfully started the game, but it stops working when it tells me that Social Club is not working. What should I do now? When I click Ok, the game crashes. Thanks :)

  355. DaGuy (25 Apr 2015, 16:43)

    My game crashes everytime i try to cover..

  356. Piter (25 Apr 2015, 16:57)

    Help Me !!!! im have problem with Launcher.exe I cant start code problem 0xc00007

  357. Raf (25 Apr 2015, 17:54)

    crap update or crack. FPS drops like stupid and textures are sharp and jagging as fuck, yes, I have MSAA on the highest setting, yes I have newest drivers

  358. Reaper (25 Apr 2015, 17:59)

    my game crashes when i try to aim in a car afer used an throwable, and in the trevor missions for no reasons , please fix

  359. DIpSen444 (25 Apr 2015, 18:19)

    Ok !!!!!!! Those who r having trouble with this update while pressing “Q” This is a solution read some where on the net………….. Disconnect from Internet…..Run GTAVLauncher.exe as admin. keep it running. no need to login….Run launcher.exe as admin.. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  360. bahaxfx (25 Apr 2015, 18:42)

    To fix Q key problem :

    1.install update v3
    2.install crack v4
    3.copy & replace GTA 5.exe from V2 update to (game directory)

    It’s OK &
    now Q key problem fixed…

  361. whytf (25 Apr 2015, 20:00)

    Why the hell I cannot run this launcher in a crack folder? I’ve paste this shit into a game folder. But when I’m trying to run the game, this launcher doesn’t work. I can’t even click on it right mouse button, because my computer gets stopped, there says: launcher.exe (no answer) and I’m comin back to the desktop. Why?

  362. Edmor (25 Apr 2015, 20:29)

    This crack works fine. No more changing date before 20/04/2015. Game launches directly from 3DM Launcher. So far no problems at all.

  363. Diablomk (25 Apr 2015, 23:01) This is tutorial how to change Language for me works

  364. Ethan172 (26 Apr 2015, 1:35)

    I constantly crash when playing the Blitz Play heist, It is specifically every time it switches characters to michael when he is going to speak to Haines.

    I have tried it using DirectX10.1 & in safe mode and it crashes everytime.

    I cannot progress past this mission so any help is much appreciated.


    Intel Core i7 2.3 ghz | NVIDIA Geforce GTX 670M (3gb) | 16gb ram | Windows 7 64 Bit |

  365. Ravi (26 Apr 2015, 5:36)

    any solution for switchable graphics problem of AMD

    using amd game not opned

    if disable AMD then game starts but it lagging very very much

    Any solution

  366. Draco95 (26 Apr 2015, 6:07)

    guys do i need to download all the pervious virgins of the updates and inst. them before this one ??

  367. ashraf (26 Apr 2015, 6:32)

    where do I download the game itself

  368. Xentreali (26 Apr 2015, 6:41)

    Hey Admin, please tell 3DM to upload new update and crack because it doesn’t work. Nothing happens when i open launcher.exe. THANKS!

  369. Barto017 (26 Apr 2015, 7:23)

    The latest version as well as previous doesn’t work properly. From time to time game freezes and help only ctr+alt+delete. Occasionally appear annoying stuttering regardless of location. Furthermore, I couldn’t shoot in car during mission “Marriage counseling”. Also there is another problem. I’m not sure if it was my foult or bug, but game didn’t save after mission “Paparazzo” so I wanted to complete it once again but when I come to Beverly, cutscene doesn’t run. There is only black screen and still “loading” in the right down corner.

  370. BigBuck (26 Apr 2015, 7:51)

    Win 7 64-bit, clean install. Launcher.exe says it can’t start because MSVCR100.dll is missing. Have tried v1, v2, v3, no difference. DX updated, Visual C++ 2012 and 2013 x64 and x86 installed. What am I missing here? Is there a tutorial on exact steps? I just copied the files from each version into main game folder and said ok to overwite files.

  371. BobMarley (26 Apr 2015, 7:52)

    @bahaxfx your fix work but the native trainer doesn’t work after replacing GTA5.exe with the update 2, so try again

  372. Stranger (26 Apr 2015, 8:04)

    this bug gone, another come, sometime its crash, sometime its doesnt, then old bug happen again, new bug gone. funny :]]

  373. acid (26 Apr 2015, 8:18)

    total bullshit.
    Game crashes during the missions, and still pressing Q crashes the game also. And all thos languaeg change shits yt vidoes, non of them work. FFs since when Skidrow have release so much crap , not only gta 5 but also other games. Skidrow get ur shit strait .

  374. JemmyHulk (26 Apr 2015, 9:03)

    – oftenly crashed when i pressed “Q” pleasee fix, thxx…
    – sometime crashed whem i switch character
    – minor glitch sometime

  375. DIpSen444 (26 Apr 2015, 10:10)

    Read & Try my previous comment if any of u r using ASI native trainer which works with update 3 only….!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  376. ALi WanTED (26 Apr 2015, 10:26)

    SKIDROW Fix that Mission H 30% CRASH BUG Please FIX IT I Beging You Dude Beging You :(( Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  377. MadToss (26 Apr 2015, 10:38)

    Maybe your solution for q crash works but then its still crash when franklin change to michel at heist mission with fib

  378. Revofev (26 Apr 2015, 12:14)

    will there be a v5 crack??

  379. AviciiPL (26 Apr 2015, 12:21)

    Social Club won’t launch and I don’t know why…. More tries it won’t start (code problem: 15)…

  380. Someone (26 Apr 2015, 13:13)

    I’ve downloaded all the crack versions but when i click the launcher nothing happens

  381. tsingtaco (26 Apr 2015, 13:22)

    I got the language working as long as you change it in the .ini to en-US and in the registry at HKLM-Software-Wow6432Node-Rockstar-Grand Theft Auto V and change language to en-EN

  382. Crow (26 Apr 2015, 13:24)

    update 3 + v4 crack worked fine for me for about 5 days. Now it says “Please start PlayGTAV.exe”. Why? Anybody a fix?

  383. thiscow (26 Apr 2015, 14:37)


    any info about new crack??

    the game always freeze me when i putting down the garbage truck and the character changing to michael…

    any ide to solve it??

    this is about 38%

  384. mjsh (26 Apr 2015, 15:35)

    hi. the update 4 and crack v5 is out. please add them.

  385. Ho3eiN (26 Apr 2015, 17:31)

    hi to all.
    in friend request mission i cant go to the suburban shop. :(
    how can i enter to it?

  386. lilw (26 Apr 2015, 17:41)

    apply the fix of aiming crash when in car still not fix. When playing it works fine at the beginning but later it crashed.

  387. Stranger (26 Apr 2015, 18:02)

    mission’s characters dont appear, so im stuck, can anyone help plz

  388. Trabalinski (26 Apr 2015, 20:30)
  389. malditp (26 Apr 2015, 21:13)

    funciona. no hay problemas con la q siempre que sustituyas el gtav.exe por el del update 2 . eso si se suelga cuando cambia al personaje michel en la mision del FIB. hasta ahora todos los update y el crack han funcionado bien, gracias al equipo por el trabajo realizado. espero que se solucione este problema rapido . un saludo.

  390. Aarön (27 Apr 2015, 0:57)

    Hi, i would like to know if there’s a wayto execute the crackwith Steam, using “add no-steam games features”.
    I added the crack launcherand it works but without the rockstar social club. So it gives me the error that the game had not success login into rockstar scoail club. Even when i’m using the same .exe, it only works when i using the game without steam.
    Anyone knows how to make the GTA V cracked version work with steam ? I would like to play with my 2nd computer on my tv with the streaming mode.

  391. galld (27 Apr 2015, 4:49)

    how to take my photo gallery data in GTA V folder.
    i want to take my selfie photos with the cops 😀
    pls help

  392. jubair (27 Apr 2015, 8:07)

    please [email protected] upload update4 and crack v5 so there u can fix the charecter changing problem on missions.fix the bug.because i cannot progress furter in the game so fix the charecter changing problem.

  393. david (27 Apr 2015, 11:32)

    game crash for me
    3dm can not fix ???

  394. NameName (27 Apr 2015, 11:34)

    update 4 plox

  395. MGC (27 Apr 2015, 11:54)

    that’s fun, you guys have been posting new updates basically day after day but then you came up with this one – full of bugs, unstable and in chinese, and decided “meh, it’s good enough, let’s upload some shitty games nobody cares about and leave GTA V as it is”…

  396. Ka4a (27 Apr 2015, 12:04)

    how to solve Garbage truck.

    when u need to drive on garbage truck. just kill self Franklin. on 4 time you see skip option. Thats all.

  397. Rude (27 Apr 2015, 13:31)

    Guys… every problem can be solved by checking on youtube except dual-GPU problem especially with AMD GPU
    I made working this game for a lot a friends except me, cuz i have AMD GPU, i tried disable it, at device manager, but the integrated video card of intel is a piece of shit for it, and when i try to enable the AMD video card when the system requirement window comes and click ok it drops me direct x problems, that i cannot solved… i tried reinstall it, a tried edit the txt file in documents, but still nothing…
    i am thinking bout that buying the game, but i would be happy if you could give me some good advice for launch 3dm cracked gta with my AMD gpu

  398. JAJAJA (27 Apr 2015, 13:49)

    ALi Wanted

    Copy Uptade 2 and crack v4 or v3

    and this link is help you

  399. elim11 (27 Apr 2015, 14:06)

    Crush the vehicle door using explosives without getting out of the vehicle transporters and press the g is not getting out of the vehicle , garbage truck Destroy with a oil sorry for my bad english

  400. elim11 (27 Apr 2015, 14:08)

    works 100%

  401. Millek (27 Apr 2015, 15:13)

    I find a solution for store markt. When you need buy something firs buy 2-10 pieces and leater buy for all your money. Its working. Try it!!!
    Sorry for my english:)

  402. Lard (27 Apr 2015, 16:22)

    Is there any way to reduce lag in game

  403. Millek (27 Apr 2015, 16:42)
  404. pooface (27 Apr 2015, 17:06)

    im glad im only having the q for cover problems, dont have any char changing issues, oh and language issues the .ini file in game dir set it to en-US it always works for me

  405. avalon (27 Apr 2015, 18:07)

    with crack version 4 andthe update 3 I have experienced in the prloblemas game during missions the game is closed, buildings and soelo what did not happen with the v3 crack and update 2, the update 3 if solves many problems disappear but Follow Message creates many more hope to find solution soon

  406. onix (27 Apr 2015, 22:09)

    Hi. game crashes with me to. @ early launch keeps cool. then it will crash with some specific movements.
    For those with crash during missions avoid to get cover. for me crashes always when i press the Button to get in cover. and aim /fire weapon inside a car. this last is more rare to me.

    maybe in next update…?!?! no? plz 😀

  407. Mustafa (28 Apr 2015, 2:18)

    hello everyone i am not so clever but it may help you… i instaled latest patch because i tought i can finish Hy mison but when i killed all cap and before i get in trush car i killed myself 3 times and after that appear skip mison i did it and i finished that mison without crash game…
    but because i have crashes when i press q i delete social game 1.5.8 and again instal 15.6 version and i instal update 1 crack 2 again and now game works very good for me …hope i help you becasue i was few days with this mision becasue of crash…enjoy adn thy a lot skidrow and 3dm love you guys

  408. cold (28 Apr 2015, 6:23)

    Blitz Play Crash workaround ==> Sit in tow truck -> Press TAB to select sticky bomb -> right click aim at truck doors -> detonate -> same procedure for garbage truck later -> sit in getaway vehicle and throw sticky bomb from inside the car -> detonate -> transition to Michael will succeed.

    Q for cover crash workaround ==> disable Internet or block GTAVLauncher.exe at firewall -> run GTAVLauncher.exe and leave running -> Launch game via 3DM launcher -> Game will no longer crash when pressing Q for cover.

    Both of these workarounds can be found in other forums and I have confirmed work.

  409. SIna (28 Apr 2015, 7:57)

    I’m having problem while switching between characters during missions, the game crashes.
    i just have crack version 4 and no updates

  410. Knight.iran (28 Apr 2015, 9:02)

    For Those Who Have Problem With Crashing on Cover ( Pressing Q )

    to fix this do these steps:

    1: update 1 and it’s crack
    2: update 2 and it’s crack
    3: update 3 and CRACK 4 ( only 4 )
    4: after these goto update 1 folder and copy GTA V.exe and GTAVLauncher.exe and paste them to game folder to overwrite with previous ones. by doing this you will have update 3 and crack 4 files except these 2 files which are from update 1. then it should work fine when you cover.

    For Those Who Have Problem when shooting in the car:

    you only need to right click on your game folder ( main game folder ) and select properties and set all users permissions ( ALL — — USERS ) to full control. you can see in below picture:

    it should work fine as it worked for me !

  411. ALi WanTed (28 Apr 2015, 11:16)

    I’ve Got Problem With This Mission “60: Pack Man” ( D on the world map ) When I Talk with laster Over ! Game Switch To Franklin ! And Game Has Stoped Wroking ! I Can’t Skip The Mission Because I Don’t Have time To kill Terever The Game Switch So Fast ! Any Solutaion ?! :(

  412. ALi WanTed (28 Apr 2015, 11:56)

    How i Did It : When You Wanna Go To D ( World On the Map ) To Done That mission With Trever , Before Do the mission With Trever Swith That to Frinklin And Get Done The Mission With Franklin 😀 Now YOu Done The “60:Pack Man” Mission 😀

    Contact : [email protected]

    Add me On Yahoo Massenger 😀

  413. Choco (28 Apr 2015, 13:10)


    Thank you mate, doing what you told solved my Cover ( Pressing Q ) crash/bug. Really thx, i have been searching for a solution all over the place :).

    Doing so tough, will make the NativeTrainer-ScriptHookV stop working. But hey, better plaing the game with no crash than cheating.

    Choco :)

  414. SIna (28 Apr 2015, 14:15)


    which update and crack are u using??
    cuz i have the same problem, after detonating the garbage truck, when character changes to Micheal the game crashes

  415. YOLOGG (28 Apr 2015, 15:18)

    does anyone have issue when u buy a stock market the stock still 0 after u buy it

  416. Javier (28 Apr 2015, 15:34)

    Hola please puede subir un update v4 y el crack v5 por que los ultimos andan mal y no se puede hacer casi ninguna mision , gracias espero que lo lean

  417. medol (28 Apr 2015, 17:46)

    when i download this the zip-file is empty but 388mb big… could some one post a working link? i tried torrent and jheberg

  418. wabbajack (28 Apr 2015, 19:01)

    Games crashing during the first heist.

  419. Im (28 Apr 2015, 19:35)

    I see Square in everywhere on the game ( in the maps) >why ? plz help me to fix

  420. ALi WanTed (28 Apr 2015, 20:09)

    @ Sina

    Dadash Update 3 Ro copy kon toye mahale Nasb GTA V Bad boro toye mahali k update 2 Ro Dari Va GTAVluncher.exe Va GTA5.EXE Ro Copy Kon toye mahale Nasb Bazi + Crack Version 4

    Baraye on marhale ham k Gofti gir kardi ” Federal Investigation Bureau mission ” Vaqti tamame police ha ro koshti va khasti ba franklin beri savare mashin shi k beri ye makani monfajeresh koni ! Onja Ghable in k savare mashin shi ! 3 bar khodeto bokosh ba bomb bad az 3 bar on payiin k 2 ta GOZineye

    Retry , EXit Dare , Bad az in k sevomin bar Khodeto mikoshi Ye gozine Dg Ezafe Mishe !

    SKIP The Mission !

    Ono bezan Bad ham yes

    DG Moshkele crash shodane bazi az beyn mire 😀 GOOD Luck <3

  421. malditp (28 Apr 2015, 21:16)

    solucionado el problema del caracter changing. mirar el segundo comentario. lo haces y no se cuelga al cambiar de personaje porque michalel esta en esa curva. gracias a Trabalinski que fue el primero en ponerlo aqui. yo certifico que funciona

  422. JRB (28 Apr 2015, 22:03)

    Curious to see if this works for anyone else. I was having issues with game crashing every time I got part way into a mission. Today I changed the SOFT SHADOWS setting in graphics from SHARP to AMD CHI since I have an AMD video card. Their is a setting for Nvidia as well. Since I changed that setting I have not crashed once! Completed several missions in a row with no problems. Please try changing the SOFT SHADOWS setting and let me know if it helps those having issues with game crashes.

  423. Matias (28 Apr 2015, 22:28) Solucion a la mission del FIB

  424. cold (28 Apr 2015, 23:50)


    I am using update v3 crack v4

    The problem has to do with using any throwable weapon such as grenades or sticky bombs at ANY point during the Blitz Play mission. However the workaround is to sit inside a vehicle and throw the sticky bomb out the window as I described. This will prevent the crash after destroying garbage truck and transitioning to Michael. The same problem exists in the next mission Caida Libre where you are required to destroy the van at the end. However there is no getaway vehicle nearby to sit in and throw sticky bomb from. I personally used the jerry can and poured gasoline all around the vehicle and set it on fire to destroy it.

  425. Dstroyer BR (29 Apr 2015, 0:00)



    @echo off

    if not “%~1″==”p” start /min cmd.exe /c %0 p&exit

    start “” “GTAVLauncher.exe”

    start “” “Launcher.exe”

    timeout /t 120 /nobreak >nul

    taskkill /f /im GTAVLauncher.exe

  426. CJ (29 Apr 2015, 0:09)

    I Finished the Story mode doing these steps to fix the Crashes (Q crash, car aiming crash, throw weapon crash…) :

    _ Copy + paste UPDATE 2.

    _ Copy + paste CRACK VERSION 4 (crack follows update 3).

    _ Documents>Rockstar Games> GTA 5>Profiles>XXXXXX> DELETE 2 file “cfg” and “pc_settings”

    _ Run game > adjust brightness > Play normally.

    _ Choose one character (Franklin or Michael or Trevor) > go to a Safe House > SAVE a new SAVE.

    _ From this moment, DO NOT — — USE THROW WEAPONS.

    _ You should be OK to go through all the Missions.

    _ IF you get the crash again, just Close the game, Run it again and Save a new SAVEGAME at Safe House then play normally.

    Good luck.

    PS: I still get a messy bug that my characters aren’t able to sell/buy shares from a specific company.

  427. Modz (29 Apr 2015, 9:26)

    Upload 1ficher link

  428. dark (29 Apr 2015, 10:48)

    fix that shit char switch crashing in this game, whenever u do the blitz play mission after the call it should switch to michael, and the game always stop work there and crashing, no chance to play the game further caz of this shit error and crashing. fix that crap!

  429. Fucker (29 Apr 2015, 15:00)

    Update 4 and crack v5 ?

  430. Destro (29 Apr 2015, 19:02)

    Prologue 1 mission crash crash crash when pressing Q or aiming or switching characters.. All time crashes to desktop. Please do a normal working crack.

  431. maeshtro (29 Apr 2015, 20:52)

    This fix the no cops at the prologue issue:

  432. Cieplox (29 Apr 2015, 21:54)


    Hey guys.
    I think its complete solution for all errors/freezes/BEX64/”Q” button problem.
    For me it’s working fine.
    All you need to do is follow those steps:

    1. Download GTA V Unlocked
    2. Download and install Update 2 (from the Skidrow page ofc). with Crack
    3. Download and install Update 3 – but in this step install all files, except GTA5.exe -> its very important to leave GTA5.exe from update 2 otherwise u will experience “Q” problem during gameplay.
    4. After above steps are completed, Apply CRACK V2 (from 3dm – this crack is also packed with Update2 Skidrow)
    5. Play and have fun!!

    1st solution -> Go to main folder of GTA V and locate file 3dmgame.ini (its from Crack v2).
    Change language in there (i hope it wont be a problem).

    2nd solution.
    Its for more experience PC users, because you need to modify registry value.

    Open regedit from from menu start.
    Locate GTA V registry string:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V
    and here you need to change Language section: For most common english it would be: en-US.

    BEX64 error FIX when during mission/switching characters and other events.

    Go to C:\Users\(– — USER NAME)\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\Profiles\DFE3B7FD, locate 2 files:

    and delete them. U wont lose any graphic settings, but it will somehow fix temporary BEX64 error and freezes. (For me its always working great, sometimes unfortunatly problem goes back (after few restarts of game. Then you will have to repeat process with deleting files (or you can prepare a .BAT file with commends that would do it for you, placing it in desktop.)

    I have discovered also, deleting above files would improve performance slightly (for those who had problems with stuttering after long playing session).

    If my instruction is working for you, enjoy game, and support developpers who had spent a years writing GTA V, instead of cracking and stealing such a great product :)

  433. sadad (29 Apr 2015, 22:37)

  434. sadad (29 Apr 2015, 22:39)

  435. HAXOR (30 Apr 2015, 0:43)

    Another workaround for the duck for cover(q) and or aim from car crashing problem:

    If your using Update 3 and version 4 crack, one way to fix this crashing issue is to launch Rockstar Games Social Club via your “GTAVLauncher.exe”.
    This will load Rockstar Games Social Club…

    Do not log in, just leave the sign in window open and minimize it.
    Now you can use the cracked Launcher to load the game.
    You can also use Script hook and all the new script mods without any issues.

    I have read in different posts it could be a piracy protection implemented in update 3 or some kind of new bug .. Who knows.
    Otherwise stick to update 2 with Crack V4 or V3.

  436. Killerwhale (30 Apr 2015, 10:23)

    i got problem while finish mission Flankin and switching to michael that Fix eror cannot play anymore
    How do i do ? Help plz

  437. keubibo (30 Apr 2015, 11:33)

    Click to Laucher.exe still nothing happen (my desktop 7950 and havent got onboard graphic, antivirus off)

  438. CRS (30 Apr 2015, 15:39)

    Now doesn’t work to change the language, en-US or EN-en or en-EN …

  439. tommy6534 (30 Apr 2015, 17:07)

    update3 with crack v4 still doesnt work with switchable mobile dual graphics card ( HD 4600 + HD8750m ). My OS is Win 8.1 Pro x64 (Last AMD drivers). Is there any fix, please ? I can play only with “forced” HD 4600…

    Thx :)

  440. pyta (30 Apr 2015, 20:50)

    i join to Killerwhale plz fix that problem , when the game switch to michael then pops up an error

  441. Boody (01 May 2015, 1:16)

    So I’m playing on PC not that it got released and I’m having a problem with Tonya not even appearing. I’ve seen some have had problems with her being there but not loading the cutscene, but she isn’t there at all for me. Solutions?

  442. phenomxm313 (01 May 2015, 3:28)

    Guys if you are stuck on character change, don’t use throwables in the mission. Select a gun,aim it and use ‘G’ to quick throw. It is guaranteed working in missions like “Blitz Play” where game crashes at character switch. Remember, NEVER — — USE THROWABLES DIRECTLY.
    Source: Reddit forum,Rock star support forums,Steam forums and of course Personal Experience. Hope it works.

  443. phenomxm313 (01 May 2015, 3:34)

    Guys if you are stuck on character change, don’t use throwables in the mission. Select a gun,aim it and use ‘G’ to quick throw. It is guaranteed working in missions like “Blitz Play” where game crashes at character switch. Remember, NEVER — — USE THROWABLES DIRECTLY.
    Source: Reddit forum,Rock star support forums,Steam forums and of course Personal Experience.

  444. IceWind (01 May 2015, 3:46)

    FIX TO CRASH CHANGING CHARACTERS: don’t use the sticky bombs while on foot. If you do it, next time you right-click or switch characters is gonna crash. In order to use the sticky bombs, select them in the wheel and then select any rifle/pistol… aim… and click “G”. You’ll throw the sticky bomb but will not crash.

  445. RGG (01 May 2015, 19:41)

    W-7 x64 . Core 2 Duo 2.93 up 3.7 Ghz .Video – Zotac GTX-650 2 Mb .RAM- 4 Gb

  446. Hossein (01 May 2015, 20:17)

    please help me anyone about this error :

  447. Hola (03 May 2015, 10:50)

    Thanks. Links working yet!

  448. OmarCAD (03 May 2015, 15:32)

    Workaround for Caida Libre Mission Crash
    Similar to the above mission, the game will crash during character swaps in this mission. One working solution around this problem is to destroy the van with a grenade launcher/rocket launcher. Do not use sticky bombs.
    by Stephanie Tang

  449. SilverEye (03 May 2015, 15:49)

    Yap everything smooth now. Fixed the language problem, Thanks for the crack.

  450. draand28 (04 May 2015, 19:00)

    I have a BIG problem… I download the crack v4, GTA 5… but the problem is when i put the crack in gta 5 and try to start it with launcher.exe from 3dm i received: Social Club failed to initialize. Error code: 15. I tryed a lot of cracks or social club 3dm versions, remove the folder from documents and programs files but i received the same message… Please help me!

  451. TheUnknown (05 May 2015, 19:16)

    I tried to open the 3dm crack Launcher and nothing opened…

  452. Johnzik (11 May 2015, 17:00)

    i’m most likely idiot, but im still not able to run this game (and no, it have nothing to do with computer)…. so thanks, but no thanks, i just have to wait longer for version that even i will be able to use

  453. TrevorPhilips (12 May 2015, 18:49)

    You guys are doing one step forward, two steps back with releasing every new version of your crack…

    v5: supposedly no crashes, though you cannot change the language to EN (no matter if you modify the .ini or the registry, the crack sets it back to Chinese…

  454. Niko (20 May 2015, 20:41)

    Game crashes when i push the “cover” button either in joystick (L1) or keyboard (Q) and memory is not so good controlled because RAM starts to fill itselft and it doesn’t stop (obviously game starts lagging a lot)
    Am i the only person that has this issue?

  455. Nacaric (21 May 2015, 21:13)

    i find way to deal with crashes when switching characters after that mission there are many other mission you have those missions also have same problem and maybe crash i find best way on my own after trying many times for and i think it is best way try download trainer for you gta v current version trainer with teleporter in game when you want start mission save teleport location no matter where any where and than start mission you stuck in it when the the it switch betwen characters use teleport key when still on air and some way it wont crashes and walah continue your mission without spoiler i did it for 3 of my missions and im sure it works and even much easyier give it try trying to help you all please share this post with other who have problem too

  456. yacine (01 Jun 2015, 19:22)

    how to change language to english

    1. Open start menu type in “regedit” in the search bar and run it.
    3. Open SOFTWARE
    4. Open Wow6432Node
    5. Open Rockstar Games
    6. Select Grand Theft Auto V
    7. At the right side double click “Language” and set it to en-US
    8. Play the game

  457. Hellunder (25 Jul 2015, 14:12)


  458. fried chicken kennedy (05 Aug 2015, 10:39)

    im stuck after acomplished every mission, someone got any idea ??

    send me an email. [email protected]

  459. ardalan (07 Aug 2015, 7:17)

    how too play game :(

  460. ardalan (07 Aug 2015, 7:18)

    please help

  461. ardalan (07 Aug 2015, 7:27)

    how to start game

  462. Anas (09 Aug 2015, 19:14)

    install update 4 not crash switch not hangs

  463. jair alexander (17 Aug 2015, 22:53)

    install update 4 not switch not hangs

  464. Abdullah (27 Sep 2015, 10:10)

    where is 3dmgame.ini

    its not in my instalation directory

    plz Help IM eager to play

  465. Yehya (16 Oct 2015, 18:21)

    i dunno what version i have but the game is crashing once i open the shutter i the first mission and encounter cops
    shall i download and update to v3

  466. RIcardo (19 Oct 2015, 3:41)

    wtf guys… I can’t get to download the crack… files are missing or those damn websites telling I have to download a bunch of players and shit… can anyone give a proper link? and instructions? thx!

  467. Rockstar223 (26 Oct 2015, 10:46)

    It doesn’t work every time i start it it shows a black screen after rockstar logo and after a minute it crashes

  468. ahm2020d (01 Nov 2015, 22:04)

    Please help me I can not play now, when I switch to Mike . The game stop working . what should I do?

  469. wahyu (23 Dec 2015, 6:56)

    thanx man

  470. louis (06 Jan 2016, 8:35)

    its really help, thanks :)

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